Academic development unit

Academic development unit

The unit undertakes the academic development of the university’s colleges and its scientific centers, through professors in the scientific departments, and based on the recommendations of the reports of the self-evaluation committees and the teams of external evaluators for those academic programs.

Tasks and specializations:

  • Helping colleges and centers at the university to develop new specialized programs that meet the needs of the labor market in local and regional communities.
  • Providing expertise and technical advice to the academic departments at the university to help them prepare their programs in light of the academic program specifications.
  • Conducting training and field studies to continuously uncover effective university teaching methods and methods according to different disciplines, and working to develop them continuously.
  • Hosting university professors with competence and extensive experience in the field of university teaching to participate in the development of programs and workshops.
  • Holding scientific seminars to study and discuss experiments and models for academic programs for similar colleges and departments regionally and internationally.
  • Assisting university colleges in following up and evaluating the implementation of the developed programs, and judging their effectiveness and the quality of their outputs.

Published research

Academic Development Unit of the Academic Development and Quality Center