Studies, Research, Authoring and Publishing Unit

Studies, Research, Authoring and Publishing Unit

The unit is concerned with preparing scientific research in the field of university education and quality assurance, contributing to the dissemination of scientific research for faculty members, and technical support in the field of authoring scientific and university books in various disciplines.

Tasks and specializations:

  • Helping to develop the scientific research capabilities of faculty members and their assistants
    Through the preparation of specialized training programs.
  • Conducting studies and research aimed at developing educational practices and development
    Academic at the university.
  • Issuing a specialized scientific journal concerned with publishing research in the field of educational development
    University, Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation.
  • Holding scientific activities related to scientific research, authoring and publishing.
  • Issuing brochures, publications and guides aimed at improving the quality of university education, as well as publicizing the activities that take place at the center and at the university.
  • Preparing brochures and scientific pamphlets with the aim of informing about modern trends and developments in
    The field of scientific research and university development.

Published research

The Studies, Research, Authoring and Publishing Unit of the Academic Development and Quality Center