Musheer Abdulqawi Al-Othmani

Career Profile:

  • A lecturer at the Department of Political Sciences, Faculty of Commerce and Economics, Sana’a University, interested in research and analysis of conflicts issues and building global peace.


  • D. (second) in International Conflicts , Republic of Tunisia ,2021, with first class honours, under the supervision of Prof. Abdulmajeed Alabdali( Professor of International Law and International Relations at Tunisia Almanar University) , presided by Prof. Mustafa Bin Latif( Dean of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences in Tunisia, Tunisia Almanar University) , membership of Prof. Muneer Alsanoosi( prof. at the Faculty of the Legal, Political and Social Sciences, Qartag University), Prof. Ebrahim Alrefea ( Prof.  at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences in Tunisia, Tunisia Almanar University), and Prof. Mohammed Shafeeq Sursar( Director of Doctorate School at the Faculty of law and Political Sciences in Tunisia- Tunisia Almanar University).
  • D.( first) in International Relations, Arab Republic of Egypt, 2017, with first class honour, under the supervision of Professor Mahmoud Esmail Mohammed( Professor of Political Sciences, Cairo University), and membership of Prof. Esmail Awad Maqlad( Prof. of Political Sciences and International Sciences at Asyout University), Prof. Gaber Saeed Awad( Prof. of Political Sciences at Cairo University).
  • MA in Political Studies, Arab Republic of Egypt, 2014, with grade “Excellent”, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Hassan Abu Taleb (Chairman of the Egyptian House of Knowledge and October magazine), and headed by Prof. Dr. Ahmed Yousef Ahmed (Professor of Political Science at Cairo University) and membership of Prof. Dr. Qaid Al-Sharjabi (Cultural Counselor at the Yemeni Embassy in Cairo).
  • Diploma in Political Research and Studies, Arab Republic of Egypt, 2013, with a grade of “Excellent”.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Faculty of Commerce and Economics, Sana’a University, June 2003 – ranked “first” at the university level, with a grade of “excellent”, average of (95.41%).

Training courses:

  • Intensive training course in “public policy-making and decision-making”, Yemen, 2022.
  • Intensive training course in “Preparing Scientific Research Papers”, Beirut, 2021.
  • Expanded training course in: “Constitutions Making and Peacebuilding in the Arab Region”, Beirut, 2021.
  • In-depth course in “Countering Radicalization and Violent Extremism”, Tunisia, 2020.
  • Intensive training course in “Preparation of Policy Papers”, Tunisia, 2019.
  • Course in “Federalization and Decentralization in Arab Constitutions”, Tunisia, 2019.
  • Course in “Bibliography and its role in the dissertation “, Tunisia, 2018.
  • Training course on SPSS using in scientific research, Tunisia, 2018.
  • Advanced Training Course in EXCEL Techniques, Tunisia, 2018.
  • Course in project management, organized and sponsored by the World Health Organization, 1997.
  • Computer Courses.
  • English language courses.

Conferences and Workshops:

  • Symposium entitled “Principles Governing International Border Disputes”, organized by the Egyptian Association of International Law, Cairo, 2017.
  • Symposium entitled “Islam’s Approach to Fighting Corruption”, organized by the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy, Tunisia, 2017.
  • Seminar entitled “Doctoral Methodology: Its Philosophy, Scientific Methodology and Applications in Understanding International Disputes”, Tunisia , 2019.

Studies and Scientific Research:

  • Scientific Research Paper entitled “Self-Determination and Peacebuilding Challenges: Republic of South Sudan as a Case Study “, Beirut, 2022.
  • A Study entitled “The Saudi-Iranian conflict in Yemen”, Tunisia, 2021.
  • A Policy Paper entitled “Federalism in Yemen, the Predicament and Solution Proposals”, Tunis, 2020.
  • A Study entitled “The problem of political stability in Yemen and its impact on Arab national security”, Cairo, 2017.
  • A Study entitled “The Southern Issue and Its Impact on Yemeni National Security”, Cairo, 2014.