Nabeel Ali Muhssen Al-Shargabi

PhD in International Relations, Cairo  University


  • Bachelor Degree: Political Sciences, Sana’a University
  • Master Degree: International Relations and Crisis Management, Institute of Research, Egypt
  • PhD Degree: International Relations, Cairo  University, Egypt



  • Lecturer of the subjects of Political Sciences, Al-Hudaydah University
  • Head of Department of Economics and Political Sciences, Al-Hudaydah University
  • Master Theses Supervisor
  • Lecturer at The Command and Staff College


Conferences and Workshops:

  • Arab‐Iranian Relations Conference – Qatar (2014)
  • The Forum of “The big Powers and their Role in Israel State Foundation, Al-Hudaydah University (2015)


Research and Scientific Papers:

  • American-Russian Relations
  • American Policy towards Quds
  • The China-India Border Crisis