Dean's message

Faculty of Human Faculty of Medicine & Human Sciences

In the early twentieth century, the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences was announced. The Faculty has witnessed rapid development, as the Faculty opened its doors to the first batch of students in 1983 (the Division of Medicine) who graduated in 1990, and the process of success and giving continued to graduate until 2022 (10104) male and female doctors who are distinguished by their high practical and scientific competence, which made them a major demand for the local and regional labor market Where there are many of our outputs. The number of male and female students currently studying there is more than (2000) male and female students who are receiving their sciences within a distinguished with a distinct infrastructure and a unique architectural character that includes many halls and qualified study halls, technical laboratories, clinical skills laboratories, medical research center and others. Therefore, it is considered a Faculty Medicine and health sciences is a prominent mark in the medical edifices, not only at the level of Yemen, but at the level of the region.

The Faculty sets in its plan a strategic goal based on spreading a culture of quality and meeting the standards of national academic accreditation NARS and international WFME for the medicine program and in line with the vision and mission of the Faculty and the university with a focus on scientific research, innovation and creativity so that faculty members and students from all specializations of the Faculty are associated through Postgraduate programs in many medical specialties in research that serve the local community and advance the health and medical situation in Yemen to advanced stages.

The distinguished Academic staff within the Faculty works in a team spirit, with diligence and dedication in order to help students and encourage them to learn to advance and reach a scientific and practical level that is reflected on their professional performance in their workplaces and engage in the process of building this community and achieving development and advancement, especially in the fields of medicine and health sciences.

We hope, through this site, to present the various activities of the Faculty in the various programs and departments, which we hope that everyone will interact with them for the further development of our prestigious faculty.

I extend my sincere thanks to all the former deans for their great efforts, and thanks go to the faculty members in all the medical divisions, all the staff in the faculty and hospitals, and the students of the faculty whom we are proud of for their cooperation and response in all the developmental stages of the Faculty.

In conclusion, we ask God Almighty that the future of this faculty be prosperous and that God protect our homeland and our people from all harm. God is the guardian of guidance and success.

Prof. Dr : Khaled Saad Alkhamesy

Faculty of Human Faculty of Medicine & Human Sciences