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Overview about Faculty: Establishment and Development:

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences was established in the 1990s under conditions of great challenges and changes in the nature of higher education, especially in Third World countries, which face great obstacles on their way to join the steady march of human progress in order to meet the needs of our aspiring community to promotion and development, despite the limited capabilities and the constant increase of population. This had a great impact on all aspects of life, especially the educational and health aspects. Within such circumstances, the Faculty emerged slowly and steadily, hoping to provide the Yemeni people and the surrounding region with outputs that contribute effectively to addressing health problems and standing as an embodiment of the vision of our country’s political leadership. To that end, the first major step towards the establishment of the Faculty was based on conducting an informed study of our country’s needs, peculiarities, and potentials, resulting in the findings stated in the following pages, on top of which is the announcement of the Faculties vision and philosophy in addition to the specification of its programs and outcomes. Thanks to God, we finally were able to move forward and we will keep on following the same steps in our steady march.
The Faculty set out with firm belief in the need to train and qualify an integrated health team, and soon developed into an institution with five divisions: Human Medicine, Nursing, Laboratory, Pharmacology and Dentistry. We devoted our efforts to commencing and developing these programs with a belief that our country is in desperate need of qualified cadres in these fields. As it was the most appropriate time to maximize our potentials, Pharmacology and Dentistry departments were developed into independent faculties, having fulfilled the requirements to meet new developments in their fields. 
The Faculty admitted its first intake of students in the Department of Human Medicine in the academic year 1983-1984. Training and teaching of this first batch used to take place in the simple buildings at the University Old Campus, making use of the laboratories of the Faculty of Science.  Current premises of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, designed by the concerned Yemeni authorities, were built with the assistance of Kuwait who signed the agreement of the establishment of the current Faculty premises on February 5th, 1985. In 1989-1990, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences moved into the new premises.  As a result, Human Medicine and Laboratory classes were transferred from the Faculty of Science into the Faculty’s new building. Since then, 11 batches had graduated from the Medical Laboratory Department. The 12th class was the first batch to graduate from Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences in its new premises.  

Dean's message

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is the best option for students who are willing to pursue their education in comprehensive medicine, biomedicine and health programs.  The main focus of its academic programs is the application of advanced scientific, applied, practical, and modern methods that help prepare students scientifically and intellectually by enhancing their ability to act different roles in their communities and devise effective ways to deal with any changing conditions.
Faculty of Medicine and Health Science is well-known for its qualified and professional leaders and teaching staff who have shown a remarkable spirit of teamwork and cooperation in serving students who are the corner stone of the teaching-learning process and its current and future challenges.
For that end, the Faculty seeks to prepare graduates with the necessary scientific and practical expertise for developing themselves and their communities. The Faculty aspires to take the lead and make optimal use of modern technology in all activities including this website that reflects the tremendous efforts undertaken.
The Faculty’s website is a window to its academic and practical activities as well as the students’ scientific and practical activities.  Through this website, we seek to display the Faculty’s real events and activities hoping that all targeted people would react positively to them, especially our students who are the main concern of this Faculty. 

Dean of Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

Prof. Hasan Al-Mahbashi


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Faculty of Medicine & Human Sciences

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Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is the leading college in its field in the Republic of Yemen. Since its foundation, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences has sought to expand its services to have an effective impact on Yemeni society. Therefore, the Faculty is working to provide its efficient services to Yemeni society.
The Faculty’s community services include all activities and services provided by academic and teaching staff, graduates, fresh students, clinical phase students, and graduate studies students.
Possible beneficiaries of these services are members of the local community, local health centers and hospitals, and associations and organizations of common concern within the Republic of Yemen and abroad.