Quality Assurance Unit

Quality Assurance Unit

The unit coordinates with quality assurance units in colleges and scientific centers and assists them in continuous self-evaluation of their academic programs and the performance of faculty members.

Tasks and specializations:

  • Laying down general strategic plans and policies for the university related to quality assurance and academic accreditation.
  • Developing academic standards for university programs in cooperation with academic departments.
  • Supervising the application of standards and indicators of performance levels in local Arab and international universities.
  • Coordination with quality assurance units in colleges and centers in order to form specialized teams for self-evaluation of academic programs.
  • Holding events and workshops in the field of quality assurance and academic accreditation for the purpose of disseminating
    Quality culture in the university.
  • Follow up the work of the quality assurance units in the colleges and centers to ensure that they are implemented
    Plans and strategies approved by the Center Council and the University Council.

Published research

Quality Assurance Unit for Academic Development and Quality Center

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