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Dr.Iman Abdullah Al-Mahdi.

Nationality: Yemeni.

Address: Faculty of Languages, Department of English, Sana’a University, Sana’a Republic of Yemen.


  • A. (Bachelor of Arts in English 1999, Pune University, Pune, Maharashtra State, India).
  • A. (Master of Arts in English 2001, Pune University, Pune, Maharastra State, India).
  • D. (Doctor of Philosophy in English 2005. Title: “Reading Comprehension Skills Among Yemeni Students” Pune University, Pune, Maharashtra State, India).

Conference Attended:

  • 24-26 February, 2005. Forum for Culture Studies Institute of Advanced Studies in English, Pune, India.
  • 15 March, 2005 Akiyabharati Research Institute, Pune, India.

Language Speaks: Arabic, English, Hindi, Malayalam & Marathi.


  • Head of English department at Saba University from 1/9/2005-7/5/2006.
  • Dean of faculty of Arts at Saba University since 8/5/2006.
  • Taught at Faculty of Education, Sana’a University in the academic year 2007/2008 (introduction to English Language Teaching)
  • Taught at Faculty of Languages Sana’a University 2008-2009( Reading and Writing Skills)
  • Teaching American Literature at Faculty of Languages, Sana’a University for 2009/2010 first semester.
  • Teaching as Assistant Professor in Department of English Faculty of Languages, Sana’a University since 2009- onwards.
  • Teaching and working as Head of English Department in Al Nasser University since 2011 onwards.

Subjects Taught Since 2005 at various Universities:

1- Introduction to English Literature. (Literary Forms)

2- 18th Century Novel.

3- 20th Century Novel.

4-20th Century Drama.

5- 20th Century Poetry.

6- Renaissance Drama.

7- Metaphysical Poetry.

8-Romantic Poetry

  1. Literary criticism