Mohamed Mohammed Othman Naif


Personal Information:

Name: Mohamed Mohammed Othman Naif

Address: Sana’a, near the Prosecutor’s Office

Mobile: 777016626




– Received a BA degree in TEFL from the College of Languages, Sana’a University in 1992, an

MA degree in Applied  Linguistics and TEFL from Arizona University, USA in 1998 and a PhD

degree in Applied Linguistics from the College of Languages, Sana’a University in 2003.

– Worked in Kuwait Secondary School as an English language teacher from 1992 to 1994, at the

British Embassy in Sana’a from 1995 to 1996, at Yemen-America Language Institute (YALI)

from 1998 to 2010, at the International Language Center, Science and Technology University

from 2012 to 2013 and at the College of Languages, Sana’a  University from 1994 to present.

– Interested in training English language teachers and Arabic-English/English-Arabic translators

and interpreters and Arabic-English/English-Arabic translation.


Ph.D. degree in Applied Linguistics, College of Languages, Sana’a University, Yemen,

July, 2003. Studied Yemeni EFL college students’ writers’ composition strategies and skills.

MA in TEFL and Applied Linguistics, University of Arizona, USA, 1998.

TEFL Diploma, College of Education, Sana’a University, Yemen, 1995.

Bachelor degree in TEFL, College of Education, Sana’a University, 1992.

Cambridge Certificate in English for English Language Teachers, Reading University,  Britain, 1991.

Cambridge Certificate of English Proficiency, Brighton, Britain, 1987.

Higher Certificate in Spoken English and Comprehension, Brighton, Britain, 1986.

Cambridge First Certificate in English, Brighton, Britain, 1986.

Cambridge Preliminary Certificate in English, Brighton, Britain, 1983.

– High School Certificate, Ibn Sina’a Model Secondary School, Amman, Jordan, 1985.



– Established the center of Arizona Training & Development (ATD) in January,2021. ATD is

specialized in training English language teachers, translators, interpreters, providing English

language programs and other quality academic training upon request, and is the General Director

of ATD from January, 2021 – present.

– Teacher trainer. Have trained over 350 teacher-trainees in collaboration with the Center

of Translation and Language Teaching, College of Languages, Sana’a University from 2014-

Dec. 2020.

Head of the Spanish Department, College of Languages, Sana’a University, July 2013-July


Head of the Youth Activities Department, College of languages, Sana’a University from

2011-2013. Supervised students’ sports, cultural, and artistic activities.

Academic Coordinator, International Language Center (ILC), Science and Technology

University Sana’a, Yemen. June 2012- July 15, 2013.

– Recruited, screened, selected, and hired new teachers.

– Observed and trained ILC teachers on a regular basis.

– Developed the English language program and selected the American English File for


– Developed an ESP program (English for Medicine, Nursing, Technology, Business,

Accounting, Commerce, etc.).

– Selected teachers and scheduled classes for them every five weeks.

– Developed a 10-week teacher-training program, selected trainees and trained them when

in May 2013.

– Supervised and monitored the English language program from A-Z on a daily basis.

Director of Training, Director of Courses, and Acting General Director at Yemen-America

Language Institute (YALI), Sana’a, Yemen. July 11, 2009 –July 31, 2010.

Offer professional and quality translation services for international organizations,

  publishing houses, and cultural foundations.

Business Writing Instructor, Yemen Liquefied Natural Gas (YLNG), Sana’a, Yemen, August

4, 2007- June, 2009. Taught trainees on an-on-and-off basis how to write business letters,

memos, minutes, proposals, job description, business e-mails, reports, etc.

English Instructor, YALI, Sana’a, Yemen, June 3, 1998-June 29, 2009.

– Taught all general English levels from Access* (beginners) to 6/7 (advanced).

– Taught special courses such as Advanced Writing, Conversation,

Translation/Interpretation, Writing/Reading, Current Events, Listening, Pre-TOEFL,

TOEFL, Business Writing, and Advanced Conversation.

– Wrote reader quizzes on a regular basis for almost five years.

– Recruited, observed, and trained new teachers.

Supervises a number of PhD and MA candidates from 2005- present.

Academic Coordinator/Deputy Director, YALI, Sana’a, Yemen, Sept. 1999-July, 2000.

– Helped Director of Courses manage YALI, recruited, observed, and trained teachers.

– Became Acting Director of Courses whenever the DOC was out of Yemen on holidays

or business trips.

– Helped improve the writing program at YALI.

– Participated in developing a locally-designed textbook for Access* (beginner level)

Assistant Professor of English, College of Languages, Sana’a University, Yemen, 2003-


– Teach translation, interpretation, stylistics, research methods, writing, reading,

speaking, grammar, etc.

– Actively participated in improving the four-year program offered by the Arabic and

Translation Department in 2006, and the four-year program offered by the English

Department in 2007.

Academic Coordinator, College of Languages, Sana’a University, March, 1999-July, 99.

Coordinated English as a requirement for all majors at the College of Arts.

Internship, English Department, University of Arizona, USA, 1998. Helped international

students write their MA theses, Ph.D. dissertations, and other academic writing assignments

such as term papers, reviews, summaries, etc.

Information Advisor/Translator/Interpreter, British Embassy, Sana’a Yemen, June, 1995-

August, 96.

English Instructor, English Department, College of Education, Sana’a University, Yemen,

1994-96. Taught conversation, reading, and writing courses to teacher-trainees of English.

English Instructor, University of Science and Technology, Sana’a, Yemen, 1994-95. Taught

ESP courses for commerce students.

English Instructor, Language Center (later became the College of Languages), Sana’a

University, Yemen, 1994- present.

English Instructor, Kuwait Secondary School, Sana’a, Yemen, 1992-94

Conferences and Workshops: 

Participated in a conference entitled “Translation in and of the World” in Doha, April

29-May 1, 2012.

– Attended TESOL Conference in Long Beach, California, March, 2004.

– Attended the American University in Cairo Conference. Presented a paper on Arab

EFL/ESL Learners’ Writing Difficulties in January, 1999.

– Given workshops at YALI, Sana’a University, and the British Council, Sana’a, Yemen

on writing, reading, listening strategies, oral assessment, lesson planning, the

communicative approach, journal writing, action research, and others, 1998-July, 2010


Research and scientific papers:  

  • Published a research project in the form of a book entitled “Integrating translation and writing processes in translator training programs”, Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, 2016.

–     Published an article entitled “Integrating translation and writing processes in translator training programs to match real world practices”, American Journal of Translation Studies, Vol. 6, (2), June 2014.

–     Translated a book entitled “The Cinema of Satyajit Ray” for Kalima Translation,

based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The book was published in 2013.