The Faculty of Computer and Information Technology (FCIT) – Sana’a University, Yemen and the Institute of Reliable Embedded Systems and Communication Electronics (ivESK)- University of Applied Sciences Offenburg, Germany are organizing:

The first International Conference on Emerging Technologies for

Dependable Internet of Things (ICETI 2024)


Technically Sponsored by IEEE Yemen-Subsection

Virtual Conference

Sana’a – Yemen 25-26


November 2024

Conference Objectives:

  • Promote awareness among universities and institutions of the importance of the IoT, cybersecurity, embedded systems, and emerging technology.
  • Provide a platform to exchange knowledge and experiences between researchers, engineers and developers in the fields of IoT, cybersecurity, embedded systems, and emerging technology.
  • Identify the challenges and problems facing the use of the IoT, emerging technology, artificial intelligence technology, and the complexity of embedded systems and share possible solutions to those challenges.
  • Highlight cybersecurity best practices in IoT and emerging technology
  • Encouraging scientific research and promoting technological development and innovation in the fields of IoT Artificial Intelligence
  • Discuss the role of the IoT, cybersecurity, embedded systems, and emerging technology in digital transformation.

Conference Main Tracks:

The conference encompasses various tracks, including but not limited to:

  • IoT Technologies and Applications
  • Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Blockchain Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
  • Edge, Cloud and Fog Continuum
  • Next-Generation Communication Technologies for the IoT
  • Blockchain-based security for the IoT
  • IoT-enabled Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Embedded Systems and Hardware Design
  • Emerging Technologies and their Applications
  • Related Topics.