Proph.Adnan Al-Mutawakel

Associate Professor.

Personal Data:

Name: Associate Professor. Adnan Yehia Al-Mutawakkil


Date/Place of Birth: 1973, Yemen

Sex: Male

Marital Status: Married

Permanent Mailing Address: PO Box: 559, Sana’a, Republic of Yemen

Permanent Contact Tel: +967-777274498

Native Language: Arabic.


Academic Studies

Ph. D. in Engineering – Information Technology Policy

International IT Policy (ITPP)

Techno-Economic Policy Program (TEPP) 2004-2007

Department of Engineering

Seoul National University (SNU)

Seoul, Republic of Korea

Grade: 95% (Excellent)

Master of Arts 1999-2001

Major: Extension Eduction

Minor: Business Computer Systems

New Mexico State University (NMSU)


Grade: 4.0 (Excellent)

Bachelor in Electrical Engineering 1992-1997

Faculty of Engineering

Sana’a University

Sana’a, Yemen

Grade: 83.94% (Very Good)

Command about my Ph.D. in South Korea:

My major is in International Information Technology Policy (ITPP ) which was conducted inside the department of Techno-economic Policy and Management Program under the Engineering College at Seoul National University (ranked as number one in Korea). During my study, I focused in many areas including:

  • Technology Convergence
  • Division Analysis
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Policy (especially from the government side)
  • The usage of technology (mainly ICT) in the development of the national economy.

The title of my dissertation was “ICT and its role in the economic development of the Middle East and North Africa region”. It consists of three main parts. The first one deals with measuring a global index for countries around the World in four main technologies: Fixed Telephone, Internet, Mobile and Broadcasting. The second part used the indexes from the first part to look at the relationship between ICT and GDP. The third one focused in the current situation of ICT in Yemen and the obstacles and the required policies to develop ICT sector into a main sector for the national economy.


Command about my master:

During my study in USA, I have taken most of my courses in networking and computer programming as follow:

  • I had many computer programming languages such as C, Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic, Perl in Computer Science 190, CS 487, Business Computer System 550, and BCS 585. Also, I had other courses in Database software (SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Developer in BCS 595, BCS 550).
  • In Networking Designing and Management, in these courses CS 255, OECS 231, & BCS 586. So, I can design, build, and administer networks using NOVEL & Windows 2000, I studied designing and administrating NOVEL5 Networking, CISCO network, Data Communication & Networks (Win 2000 Advanced Server/Server/Professional).
  • In Internet graphic design, I can design web page using HTML language and FrontPage, & Dreamweaver programs. Moreover I can build basic animations using 3D Studio program.

Furthermore, my major is education because my core courses were in education (18 credits in seven courses) to develop my teaching skills so I can teach courses in the computer world using the best methods with developing lesson plans depends on the material and the environment. These courses are AXED530, AXED525, AXED 557, AXED 595, AXED 556, AXED 536, & AXED 598.

I had other courses in Human Communication, and persuasion theory in these classes: Communication 351 & HON 265. These courses are very helpful in the teaching process and the real world.


Experience (in brief):

From Oct. 14, 2016 untill end of sep. 2018, I was the dean of the faculty of Computer and Information Technology in Sana’a University.

From March 2016 till mid October 2016, I worked as the Vice-dean of Academic Affairs – the faculty of Computer and Information Technology in Sana’a University.

From July. 2014 till March 2016, I worked as the head of the Information Technology Department – the faculty of Computer and Information Technology in Sana’a University. I am a member of the Quality Assurance Committee at the college. I have been teaching System Analysis and Design, E-Business, and other courses at FCIT since Feb 2012.

I worked as a consular for Social Fund Development (الصندوق الاجتماعي للتنمية) for developing the documentation of bid regarding the development of curriculums of Graphic and Multimedia for the community colleges in Yemen

In 2013, I was one of the consultants from Sana’a University for evaluating the best election system submitted to the Supreme Committee for Election & Referendum (اللجنة العليا للإنتخابات والإستفتاء).

Between June 2013 and June 2014, I was the head of the Control Department which is under the student affairs.

Starting from Oct. 2012, I am a faculty member at the Department of Information Systems – the faculty of Computer and Information Technology in Sana’a University.

From May 2008 to end of 2011, I was working as a Vice-Dean of Academic Affairs at Sana’a community college.

From November 2007 till end of April 2008, I was working as a Vice-Dean of the Higher Professional Education at Sana’a community college.

Since Feb. 2007, I am teaching Bachelor and Master students in different private universities (part-time lecturer) including the University of Science and Technology, the Lebanon International University in Yemen, the International College and the Arabic Academy for Finance and Banking Science. Some of the courses that I taught are Project Management, Knowledge Management, Information Technology, Business Telecommunications, Microprocessor Architecture and Computer Networking.

From August 2007 to December 2007, I was working as a head of the engineering technology division at Sana’a community college.

From 2001 to Feb. 2004, I worked as an instructor in the Engineering Department at Sana’a community college. Then I became an assistant professor and the head of the Engineering and Technology Division at Sana’a community college.

After finishing my master in 2001, I worked as an instructor and a training manager in the ExecuTrain Computer Training Centre which is owned by ITEC Company for more than two years until I went for my Ph.D. study. I have several certificates including a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCP) and MCSE from Microsoft and International Certified Professional (ICP) from ExecuTrain-Dubai.

I taught in USA as a part of my master degree 30% of communicational class for the computer hardware students. It was part of my internship.

After finishing my bachelor degree in 1997, I worked as a computer engineer at JK for trading (Tulip Computers).

Publications & Seminars:

  • Participate in the Training Program “Training of Academic Programs Evaluaters” done by the Council of Academic Accrediation and Quality Assurance – Ministery of Higher Education and Scientific Research with the cooperation of Nuffic and MottMacDonald during the period of Oct. 28 – Nov. 01, 2017
  • Attend the fifth scientific conference of Higher Education in Yemen/Scientific Research and Development Needs in Yemen done by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and the Faculty of Engineering- Sana’a University – Period: April 24-26, 2017 at Faculty of Engineering- Sana’a University
  • Almutawkkil, A., Alsohybe, N. & Alshaibany, N. (2016), ICT ROLE IN YEMEN BASIC EDUCATION AND AWARENESS OF TEACHERS, – International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering & Technology, Vol. 3 Issue 10, October 2016
  • Alsohybe, N., Al-Raimi, M. & Almutawkkil A. (2016), Evaluation of Quality Assurance Implementation in Sana’a University: The Computer Center as a case, International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology & Security (IJCSITS), Volume 6, No 3, May-June 2016
  • Development of telecommunication and broadcasting infrastructure indices at the global level, Telecommunications Policy Journal, Volume 33, Issues 3-4, April-May 2009, Pages 176-199
  • A lecturer in the International Workshop on ICT Development – Human Resource and Technology Outlook (Hanoi, Vietnam) in 26-27, 2007.
  • A lecturer in the Asian-Pacific Productivity Conference 2006 (APPC) (Seoul, South Korea) in August 15-17, 2006.
  • Attended the Asian-Pacific Productivity Conference 2004 (APPC) (Seoul, South Korea) in year 2004.
  • Attended and participated in many international seminars and workshops in South Korea during my three years of Ph.D study.
  • A lecturer in at least two domestic seminars/ workshops each year conducted by Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea during my three years of study.

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