Riyad Abdulla Mohamed Muharam

Dr.Riyad Abdulla Mohamed Muharam

Academic Degree: Associate Professor
Field of Specialization: Petrochemical and Environmental Engineering
Department: Basic Engineering Sciences – Faculty of Engineering, University of Sana’a
• Associate Professor Dr. (Eng.) Riyadh Abdullah Muhammad Muharram.
• Consultant for water treatment and environment in the Ministry of Water and Environment previously.
• Head of the Department of Basic Engineering Sciences in the Faculty of Engineering previously.
• Head of the Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development Organization.
• Member of the General Organization for Standardization, Metrology and Quality Control – Sana’a
• Head of the Center for Educational Affairs and Examinations at the Faculty of Engineering – Sana’a University.
• Bachelor Degree and Masters in Chemical Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering, Volgakard State University – Russian Federation – 1997.
• Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences (Petroleum – Environmental) from Volgakard State University – Russian Federation – 2007
• Teaching different basic and specialized subjects in the various engineering departments (chemical, oil and gas, civil, mechanics, electrical, mechatronics, and biomedical).
• Member of the General Organization for Standardization, Metrology and Quality Control – Sana’a
• A certified trainer in the fields of oil and occupational safety at the Oil Training Center of the Ministry of Oil and Minerals – Sana’a
• Supervising research on the risks of chemical industries and various environmental studies.
• Member of the work team in the Quality Unit for Engineering Programs – Faculty of Engineering, Sana’a University.

Conferences and Workshops:
• Participation in the field of quality and academic accreditation.
• Conducting research in the field of water and environment in the city of Rabat – Maghreb in the year 2014.
• Attending several workshops in the field of renewable energy and academic accreditation.
Research and Scientific Papers:
• Obtaining the Al-Saeed Award for Science and Technology in the field of the Yemeni environment and its treatments for the year 2014
• The number of research papers in the specialization is 21 local and international papers in chemical and environmental journals.