Ali Naji Saleh Al-Awaj

Associate Professor

Personal Information:

  • Name: Ali Naji Saleh Al-Awaj
  • Date of birth: 1956 AD
  • Place of birth: the village of Bani Faras. Isolation of the eels; insatiable; Sana’a Governorate.
  • Marital Status: Married, has two sons and five daughters.


I joined the College of Sharia and Law as a lecturer according to the University President Decision No. (38) for the year 1992 AD, and I was sent to study a master’s at the University of Jordan, and after completing the Masters, my status as a delegate to prepare for the doctoral degree was settled according to the President’s Decision No. (144) for the year 2000 CE, after the President’s decision The university continues to send me to the PhD in the Arab Republic of Egypt, which holds No. (718) for the year 1999 AD, and my scholarship for postgraduate studies was terminated according to the decision of the President of the University No. (454) for the year 2004 AD after I obtained a doctorate in law, specializing in international law, and as a result I was appointed an assistant professor In the Department of Public International Law, College of Sharia and Law, Sana’a University, according to the President’s Decision No. (14) for the year 2005 A.D., and I was promoted to Associate Professor pursuant to the President’s Decision No. (237) for the year 2019 A.D. and I was appointed Director of the Center for Immigration and Refugee Studies in accordance with the assignment decision From the President of the University No. (376) for the year 2009 AD, and after that the President of the University issued a decision to assign me the head of the Department of Public International Law.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Sharia and Law, College of Sharia and Law, Sana’a University, with a very good grade with honors.
  • Master of Laws (Public International Law), The University of Jordan, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, with a grade of very good.
  • Doctorate in Law (Public International Law), Cairo University, Arab Republic of Egypt, with honors, and the recommendation of the discussion and judgment committee to publish the thesis and distribute it to Arab and foreign universities.


  • Teaching the courses of the Department of Public International Law (general international law, international organizations and human rights, legal terms).
  • Supervising several Master’s theses.
  • Participate in the discussion of several Master’s theses.
  • Supervising and discussing many researches.
  • Arbitration of scientific researchs for publication in scientific journals.
  • Descriptions of subjects and curricula for bachelors, masters and doctoral programs (Sana’a University and other Yemeni universities)
  • Membership and presidency of Control for several years.
  • Director of the Center for Immigration and Asylum Studies, Sana’a University.
  • Head of the Department of Public International Law.
  • Member of the government policy committee emanating from the IOM workshop with the Yemeni government.
  • Member of the governmental legislative committee emanating from the workshop of the International Organization for Migration with the Yemeni government.
  • Member of the Advisory Board of the Ministry of Human Rights.
  • Member of the National Commission for the Preparation of the National Strategy for Human Rights.
  • Legal advisor to the Syndicate of faculty members and their assistants at the University of Sana’a.
  • Good command of the English language.

Conferences and Workshops:

  • Discussion panel on the situation of refugees in Yemen (with a working paper).
  • Seminar on the necessities of creating a national asylum law (with a study).
  • A symposium organized by Sana’a University with the embassies of Germany and Britain on the International Criminal Court (with a working paper entitled International Justice Obstacles).
  • A panel discussion on the Gildaston report on Israel’s crimes in Gaza, organized by the Diplomatic Institute at the Foreign Ministry (with a working paper).
  • Preparing and implementing many events and training seminars for many official bodies, trade unions, interested parties, and specialists on international asylum law and refugee issues, international human rights law, international humanitarian law, and transitional justice.

Research and scientific papers:

  • The impact of technology on the development of international law (research promotion).
  • Introducing the branches and scope of public international law (promotion research).
  • Search in: Delay Fines in Administrative Contracts.
  • Search in: Excuses in Criminal Laws.
  • Research in: Evidence of civil liability to the doctor.
  • Research in: The element of error proving the responsibility of the state.
  • The situation of refugees in Yemen: reality and observations.
  • Obstacles to international justice.
  • Refugee and his rights: a brief comparative study between Islamic law and international law.
  • Understanding the phenomenon of human trafficking and its reality in Yemen.
  • A study on the concept of the civil state.
  • Good Governance (Working Paper).

Legal study of several international conventions for the House of Representatives before ratification.

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