Bachelor's program

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

The veterinarian’s role is to protect the community and promote public health. The veterinarian is responsible for the health of both humans and animals altogether. He/she is also responsible for supervising animal products and their safety, including the production of safe food, which shall be free of pathogens and residuals of medicines and antibiotics. Therefore, the community health depends on the qualified veterinary cadre.


Preparing and qualifying veterinarians who meet the needs and requirements of the community and effectively contribute to the development of all types of livestock, poultry, and fish, while also preserving the environment and public health.


To be a local leader and excel regionally in the field of veterinary medical sciences

Department Aims

·         Preparing and qualifying veterinarians capable of meeting the market need and able to compete locally and regionally.
·         Preparing and qualifying veterinarians capable of setting up and managing animal health facilities and various livestock breeding projects.
·         Preparing and qualifying veterinarians capable of diagnosing and properly treating sick animals, and performing all necessary surgeries.
·         Protecting livestock, developing livestock production and developing appropriate solutions to livestock problems in Yemen.
·         Encouraging and developing scientific research, and keeping abreast of scientific developments in veterinary medicine.
·         Conducting specialized scientific seminars and conferences in veterinary fields that serve the labor market.

Study Plan