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Faculty of Dentistry, Sana’a University

General Information about the Faculty since its Establishment up to Date

The study of dentistry was introduced to Sana’a University in the academic year 1996-1997 by virtue of the University Council’s Resolution, regarding the establishment of the Faculty of Dentistry at Sana’a University as a sub-division of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, the Department of Dentistry. The purpose behind establishing the Faculty was to supply the labor market with dentists who are able to contribute positively to the process of modernization and development in the fields of health services at the local and regional levels.
The University, in coordination with WHO, developed all the respective studies and plans. Then, the WHO nominated Prof. Kamal Abbas from the University of Khartoum, Faculty of Dentistry, to assist our University specialists in laying the general foundations for the Faculty of Dentistry. He also assisted in the selection and admission of the first group of dentists who applied to join and work in the new faculty.
In the academic year 1997-1998, the idea of the Faculty of Dentistry establishment was finalized. Consequently, the first batch of students was admitted, but without any teaching staff. At that time, six (6) demonstrators and one teacher with an MA degree were appointed. The Faculty then was considered as a division of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences headed by the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Medicine for Dental Affairs.  Then a foreign cadre was hired to run the work of the Faculty in its various departments. A number of not more than 50 students were admitted. Besides, one of the buildings of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences was allocated to the Faculty of Dentistry, which had been first prepared for the Faculty of Pharmacy as a temporary option. The building was equipped with dental equipment and appliances, including clinics and laboratories, which were sufficient for teaching only the fifty students admitted as the first batch then. The study curriculum was not available and the Faculty relied on the diligence of professors who taught different courses. Slowly and steadily, the number of students increased further year by year, due to the increasing demand to the Faculty of Dentistry. As a result of the increasing number of students, some other facilities have been added.
The situation remained the same until 2001, when the University Council issued a resolution in the academic year 2001-2002 to separate the Faculty of Dentistry from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences; and accordingly it became an independent faculty. Description of the Faculty’s Current Premises:The Faculty’s current location is inside the University Main Campus, adjacent to the building of the Faculty of Medicine. It is a two-storey building and occupies an area of ​​2,670 Sq M, with an annexed building (formerly a research building belonging to the Faculty of Medicine) that serves as the headquarters of the Faculty departments.


  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Responsibility
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Collective work


The Faculty seeks to produce outstanding graduates capable of developing at a highly competitive level, meeting the labor market needs, providing community-based services within its values and customs by developing educational programs, and promoting scientific research and continuous education mechanisms.


To be a locally and regionally distinguished and pioneering institution in applying accreditation standards.
Administrative staff
Academic staff


  •  Aligning the Faculty programs with the areas of excellence sought by Sana’a University;
  •  Contributing to meeting the labor market needs and keeping pace with related changes;
  •  Attaining the Faculty strategic objective, i.e. updating its academic programs and getting them accredited;
  •  Building a flexible organizational structure for the Faculty and defining its terms of reference and units;
  • Enhancing the Faculty financial capacity and creating mechanisms that allow flexibility in its financial systems;
  •  Supporting the Faculty quality and training system;
  •  Building bridges of cooperation with all community institutions and developing partnership with international bodies;
  •  Attracting excellent teaching staff and developing their creative abilities;
  •  Creating an educational environment that encourages students and develops their capabilities;
  •  Providing a good atmosphere that increases educational efficiency and effectiveness and contributes to producing a modern-day dentist;
  •  Achieving academic excellence;
  •  Developing and encouraging scientific research;
  •  Developing self-generated resources;
  •  Developing real partnerships with various community institutions;
  •  Supporting creativity, excellence and positive interaction;
  •  Achieving academic and institutional accreditation standards.

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