Mohamed Ahmed Sallam Al Madhaji


Personal Information:

Name: Prof .Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Sallam Al Madhaji

Architectural, Urban

Profession: faculty member

Academic degree: Professor.

Place of birth: Taiz, Yemen

Date of Birth: December 31, 1958 AD

Address: Department of Architecture – faculty of Engineering – Sana’a University – Yemen.


Summary: (A brief profile Summary of the faculty member at least 3 lines)

  • Head of the Department of Architectural Engineering – Faculty of Engineering – University of Sana’a (2001 – 2007 AD),
  • founding member of the Department of Architectural Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Petroleum – Hadhramout University of Science and Technology 1996,



Assistant Professor 17/8/1997 AD, Associate Professor 27/11/2002,

Professor 17/2/2008 AD.

Received many scientific, academic and educational courses, consultant to many government and private agencies, teaches in master’s programs in public and private universities, as well as supervised many master’s and doctoral theses, is a member of many professional and academic unions, holds many certificates of appreciation and from other parties multiple.




Bachelor’s degree, Aleppo University, Syria, 1985.

Master’s degree, University of Architecture and Construction, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1993.

PhD, University of Architecture and Construction, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1996 AD.








– Architect with government agencies from 1986 to 1990, and consultant from 1997 until now.

Architect and consultant in the private sector and engineering offices from 1986 to 1990, as well as from 1997 until now.

– Engineer, teacher, at Technical and Technical Institutes from 1987 to 1990.

– A faculty member in many Yemeni public and private universities in undergraduate and postgraduate programs from 1996 until now.




Conferences and Workshops:


Participation in more than 45 conferences (with scientific research) and local, regional and international workshops.


Research and scientific papers:

The completion of more than 70 scientific research published in scientific journals (local

,regional and international) and conferences (local, regional and international).

Completing five specialized books:

1- Sana’a, the foundations of architectural design and urban planning in the various Islamic eras, prepared and implemented by Al-Taher Center for Engineering Consultations, published by the Organization of Islamic Capitals and Cities, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, (2005 AD-1426 AH). (co-authored with others)

2- General Guide to Maintenance of School Buildings and Equipment and Improving the School Environment, Ministry of Education, Textbook Printing Press, Sana’a, Yemen, (2007). (co-authored with another colleague)

3- The main planning problems of Yemeni cities and the means of solving them, the award of the late Hayel Saeed Anaam, Al-Saeed Library, Miscellaneous Printing Press, Taiz, Yemen, (2014). (Co-authored with another colleague).

4- Architectural design – methodology and ways of thinking. (in press).

5- Architecture theories – form and space. (in press).