Samir Mohsen Al-Sirry

Samir Mohsen Al-Sirry



1.1  Name                                     Dr. Samir Mohsen Al-Sirry. 

1.2  Profession                             Architect, Planner, Lecturer – Sana’a University. 

1.3  Current Position                  (2012 – present) Architecture Department  Head, Faculty of                                      Engineering, Sana’a University, Sana’a, Yemen.

1.4  Address                                 P.O. Box: 11480 Sana’a – Yemen

1.5  Social  status  :                    Married. 

1.8  Mobile                                  967-712313328

1.9  Citizenship                           Yemeni

1.10 Date of Birth                        May 21, 1967.


1.11 Professional Membership   (1993-present) Member of Yemeni Syndicate of Engineers.                                                                               (2009-present) Member of Yemeni Architecture Society.


2.1   1992         Bachelor Degree. College of Architecture & Planning, King Saud University, Riyadh,

Kingdom of  Saudi Arabia.  In the field of Architecture & Building Science with a  G.P.A of

(4.42/ 5.00)  and a ” V.Good” grade, with ” Second Class Honour”.

2.2   2000          M.Sc Degree. Dep .of Architecture, University of Technology, Baghdad, Republic of Iraq.                            In Architectural Engineering (Technology of Architecture),  with “V. Good” grade (86%).

                         Thesis named:  ( Effect Of Wind Catchers’ Design Characteristics On The

Ventilation Of Contemporary Houses).

2.3   2006         Ph.D Degree. Dep .of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt.

In Architectural Engineering, Thesis Title:  ( Environmental Response in Yemeni

Traditional Architecture-Towards Environmental Sustainability Of Contemporary

Residential Buildings).



3.1   1995-1997            Assistant. Dep. Of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Sana’a                                                                        University, Sana’a, Yemen.

3.2   1995-1997            Lecture. Dep. Of Architecture, University of Science & Technology,

Sana’a, Yemen.

3.3   2006- 2019           Assistant Professor, Dep. Of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Sana’a

University, Sana’a, Yemen. And Visited Assistant Professor Of

Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, University of Science &

Technology, Sana’a, Yemen.

3.4  2009 – 2010          Academic coordinator at Dep. Of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering,                                                            Sana’a University, Sana’a, Yemen.

                        3.5   2012 – 2019          Head  of  Architecture Department, Faculty of Engineering, Sana’a                                           University, Sana’a, Yemen.


4.1      I have been teaching Post & Under Graduated Students the following courses:

4.1.1    Architecture Design Studio.

4.1.2    Environmental Controlling.

4.1.3    Building Construction.

4.1.4    Working Drawing.

4.1.5    Basic Design

4.1.6    Vernacular architecture

4.1.7    Architecture Drawing

4.1.8      Plumbing


5.1   1992-1995       Architect, Ministry Of  Public Works, Sana’a, Yemen.

            5.2    1992-1995       Architect, Al- Raid Engineering Consultancy office, Sana’a, Yemen.

5.3   1995-1997        Head of Engineering , Al- Rawad Engineering Consultancy  office, Sana’a,


5.4   1993-2010         Designer & supervisor for a different projects. These include Residential                                                       Buildings (villas, multi-storey ), Commercial Mosques, Hotels, Tourism

Villages. Participate of Alsaleh Great Mosque competition as a member of  the jury.

5.5  2007-2011          Provide some  services to  American – Yemeni project to improve education AED

(Academy For Educational Development) like :

– open bids , evaluation, qualified consulting offices & contactors and

renovation studies of some old schools  .

–  Renovation Studies to Medicine Collage of Sana’a University.

– Redesign Working Drawing on Engineering Collage of Sana’a University.

– Design The Yemeni Federation of Equestrian Club – Sana’a – Yemen.


5.6   2010 – 2011         Chairman of the Audit Committee of the designs 4 buildings within the                                                             campus  of Amran. University – Yemen.

5.6   2013 – 2016        Designer & Coordinator of the project  for the  Mechatronics department

new building  in Faculty of Engineering at the University of Sana’a.


6.1   2019        Developing Academic Programs and Curriculum According to Modern International

                        Approaches and Requirements of International Accreditation Board for Engineering

                        and Technology (ABET), Faculty of Engineering, Sana’a, Yemen.

6.2   2019        Approval of Final Vocabulary of the Curriculum of Preservation Architectural and

                        Urban Heritage of Yemeni Universities, Faculty of Engineering, Sana’a, Yemen.

6.3   2017       Training of Academic Program Evaluators, Council  for Accreditation & Quality

Assurance of  Higher Education in Cooperation with the Dutch project to Strengthen the                  Capacity of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Sana’a, Yemen.

6.4   2014        Design Of Solar Water Heaters, Borj Cedria Science and Technology Park in

collaboration  with the office of ECOSER in the framework of the Yemeni-German

Cooperation GIZ , Tunisia.

6.5   2014        Quality second week, Education Development Center, University of Sana’a.

6.6   2013       Training course in the field of (preparation course), Education Development

Center, University of Sana’a

6.7   2010      Workshop (final tests to assess and improve), Education Development

Center, University of Sana’a

6.8   2009         (Building A World-Class Programme & Self-evaluation and Programme

 Specifications), the British Council in collaboration with the Education

Development Center, University of Sana’a.

6.9   2009      Training course in the field of (curriculum development) specification,

Development Education Center, University of Sana’a.

6.9   2007     Training course in the field (university teaching: teaching methods and

                   teaching techniques and methods of evaluation) Education Development

Center, University of Sana’a.