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Abdulrahman Ahmed Abdu Aljalil Al-selwi 


Name : Abdulrahman Ahmed Abdu Aljalil Al-selwi                 

Mobile: +967771561118  
Address: Cairo St. Sana’a-Yemen  



Master of Physiotherapy and Physical Rehabilitation

Currently  study at ALRazi University

ماجستير علاج طبيعي ـ جامعة الرازي

Sana’a, Yemen

July2005- 2010 Bachelor of Physiotherapy and Physical Rehabilitation

بكالوريوس علاج طبيعي 

Tabriz Medical University جامعة تبريز للعلوم الطبية

Tabriz, Iran



Diploma  of  Nurses and Medical Skills 

دبلوم في المهارات التمريضية

Science and Technology Hospital

Sana’a, Yemen


Work Experience:

Supervisor Physiotherapy in physiocare centers 

  • perform physiotherapy assessments for patients with complex problems.
  • to develop, provide and evaluate individualized treatment programmes.
  • To provide re-assessments for patients in group sessions as and when necessary.
  • Training staff of physiotherapy .

             physiotherapist – DW POOL

  • Assess patient physical capacities, using different procedures (e.g. functional capacity tests) in order to set up treatment objectives with the patient and therefore improve patient’s health and wellbeing.
  • Elaborate and implement physiotherapy programs.
  • Train patients and care-tsakers on how to avoid injury in order to create preventive behaviors.
  • Actively monitor and report physiotherapy activities (correctly filling in patient files, forms, statistics, and reports) and analyze these statistics in order to improve quality service, preserving patient’s data traceability.
  • Report to the technical referent any problem arising in the service, especially the loss/ robbery/damage of medical equipment or medicines in order to implement the appropriate measures.
physiotherapy Consultant and Trainer at the Social Fund for Development  
–         Prepare the training materials and the training tools for the physiotherapy training .

–        Coordinate for the implementation of the training workshop

–        Conduct the physiotherapy training with related evaluations like (pre and post test)

–        Prepare the final training report with all supporting documents


 Consortium Project officer – Technical Inclusion/ protection mainstreaming (Consortium)

Handicap International, Sana’a – Yemen Mission

–        Develop and implementation of the Mission Inclusion strategy with partners or with community.

–        Provide all kind of technical support / advice to the partners.

–        Creating links with community based organizations and associations, focal points and other organizations (national and international) to reinforce information about available services and maintain partnerships between humanitarian actors.

–        Paper monthly action plans for project implementation activities.

–        Disseminate key inclusion messages and recommendations to the humanitarian community based on the Yemeni sectorial vulnerability analysis to reinforce awareness among humanitarian actors like cluster or other meeting.

–        Identify and contact available services and collect information on service provision and pathways per area and per sector and compile the information in the orientation database together with the database officer.

–        Providing trainings to consortium partner’s organizations selected for bilateral support and community through direct provision of both formal and on the job trainings.

–        Contribute to the development of technical guidelines, SOP for inclusion project.

–        Representation of HI, its inclusion approach within all kind of bilateral or multi-lateral coordination meetings at local level   upon request of the project manager.

–        Report any possible partners in need of support and coordination spaces for Inclusion mainstreaming at local level, and communicating these needs to the Project manager and the Field Technical Advisor inclusion

–        Reporting on daily, weekly, monthly, and end line assessment basis to the Project Manager and to the Field Technical Advisor and partners.

Physiotherapy Technical Officer

Handicap International, Sana’a – Yemen Mission

–        Communication with management of health facilities.

–        Coordinate with health facilities doctors.

–        Training of PT & PTA also nurses staff.

–        Assessments and donation of assistive devices for war wounded.

–        On the job training for health facilities staff.

–        Physical therapy sessions, advices, and instructors.

–        Reporting and archiving.

–        Case Study Presentations.



Consultant and supervisor with Fund of handicap for care and Rehabilitation in physiotherapy and special education file.

–        Prepare good tools of assessment for children of cerebral palsy

–        Supervising of the students in the health facility

–        Teaching some Modules

–        Ensure the student follow skill logbook 

–        Evaluate and follow-up the patients and work at the health center

–        Reporting


Physiotherapy  consultant

Challenge Center for Physiotherapy 

–        Supervising the PTA staff 

–        Doing Physiotherapy Sessions

–        Evaluate and follow-up the patients

–        Reporting

Physiotherapist Technical Advisor and Quality Management

Foundation Development

–        Ensure the quality of services and activities in the physiotherapy centers.

–        Checking and ensuring the quality of medical equipment.

–        Providing the technical tools.

  • Teaches in Sanaa University 2023
  • Teaches in Azal University 2021
  • Training in Albahjah Center Al Hodeida with collaboration skills fund may2017
  • Working in Smile local organization 2017
  • Teaches in Higher Institute of health Sciences2014-2015.
  • Working in Elite hospital 2012-2013.
  • Working in Al.Ayman institute 2011.
  • Working in Al-Rahmah physical center 2010.
  • Working in Shahriar clinic in Iran (Dean of faculty of physical therapy) May 2009- Nov.2009.


English and Persian 


Training courses:

–         training course in preparing physiotherapy requirements at Sana’a University in cooperation with ICRC (3 days)

–         Medicals and Nurses Skills in science and technology Hospital (6 months)

–         TOT, (Train of Trainer) Handicap International – Yemen (3 days)

–         First Aids courses

–         Mobilization of Spine & Extremities

–         Course in TOT

–         Course in AMPOUTATION (3 days)

–         Inclusion in Humanitarian Action for Organizational Support partners HI Yemen.

–         SAFER  Yemen Training

–         MRE Training HI Yemen

–         Teaching methodology reporting HI Yemen

–         Course in technical & assessment of CP

–         English language proficiency courses for 4 months

–         Save the children plus Member Online Training,

–         Physiotherapy course for children with disability

–         Case Management Training with HI Yemen

–         Many courses in English from New horizons institute

–        Course in computer



–         Strong communication skills

–         Ability to work under pressure 

–         Organized and systematic individual

–         Good computer skills

–         Strong interpersonal & communication skills

–         Ability to work in multicultural environment.

–         Able to work on team and have the spirit of team unity

–         Able to do  presentation and speech in conferences and workshops

Fast learning

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