ايقونة مرأة – ملونه

Ghufran Yahya Mohammed Hatem


Personal Information :

Name: Ghufran Yahya Mohammed Hatem

Address: Sana’a –Yemen

Phone number:775445424



Bachelor of clinical Nutrition- Hodeida University      

Diploma in English language – science& technology University.  Diploma in first aid – Academic Practice Institute.


Teaching assistant _ therapeutic nutrition program faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences _ Sana’a University.

Head of the Department of therapeutic nutrition _ Addison Institute.

Teaching assistant _ Al-thawrh hospital Academy.

Teaching assistant _ therapeutic nutrition program _AL_ Razi University .

Teaching assistant _ Department of therapeutic nutrition _ National University.

Clinical nutritionist Al_ yusr medical center

Field Trainer _ medical therapeutic nutrition _Al-thawrh and Al- Ghumhori & Al – Sabeen Hospital _Al-Razi University.

Therapeutic nutrition diploma _CMAM_ course_  Specialized college

Field researcher _ Hunger Project (WHO) Moore Yemen .

Academic affairs officer for the therapeutic nutrition program-faculty of Medical Sciences-Al-Zari University .

Therapy Nutrition Clinic (Nutritionist and Dietitian) at Rrelax Center

for physical therapy .

The therapeutic nutrition course was held in cooperation with the Yemen Drug Bank.

Training of the nutritional planning course for malnutrition _ obesity- underweight _Al_ Razi University Center .

Work and training as a Therapeutic Nutritionist- Al_wahh Center for training and Consulting of therapeutic nutrition.

Work as trainee in emergency section at AL- Crescent Hospital .

Work as trainee in clinical nutrition and dietitian section at University of science& technology Hospital .

Work as trainee in malnutrition department (TFC-OTP)_Al_ Sabeen Hospital for 6 months.

work as trainee at the clinical nutrition at Al-Gumhori Hospital for 6

month .

Courses and conferences :

Athletes nutrition course _ Al_wahh Center _  2024
Attended the sixth heart Conference of the military Heart Center _ Faculty of Medicine, Science and health_ Sana’a University _2024

Attended the Diabetes Conference _  Al-thawrh Hospital _2024

Attended the scientific symposium On osteoporosis _ Azal Hospital _2023
Attended the scientific seminar  * Pediatric Obesity * _ Palestine maternity and Childhood Hospital _ 2023.
Attended the IBS seminar of cpd3 Continuing Professional Education _ Pharmacy Owners Association Community _ 2023.
Attended the annual medical scientific medical Annual Meeting Azal_      Hospital _  2023

Attended the fifth heart Conference of the military Heart Center _ Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences _ Sana’a University _ 2023
Attended _Emergency Medicine Day _ Yemeni society for emergency and Disaster Medicine _ 2023
Attended the third heart Conference for heart disease and diabetes _ Al_Gumhori Hospital _ 2022
Attending the conference of celiac patients _ celiac Patients Association _ 2022
Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition course _ Al_wahh training and Consulting Center _ 2022
Attended the obesity Conference _ University of Science and technology _ 2021
How to publish a research paper course AL-Razi University-2021
Hypertension and clinical procedures course-clinical Heart Association
 child nutrition during the first year  course – community service unit – online- 2020
Healthy nutrition for children  course with cancer-community service unit-online – 2020
Community malnutrition management (CMAM) – (University of Science and Technology Training Center-2020
Training of trainers _TOT-local American Institute- 2020.

Nutritional planning for professional nutritionists-alwahh Center-0202
Project proposal-Yemen Youth Foundation-2020
Sphere international program for relief, humanitarian work and field surveys)- Yemen Youth Foundation- 2017




Skills :

Nutritional assessment and planning.

Microsoft office and software.

Working with the team.

Communication and communication skills .

Leadership and team building.

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