Ibrahim Hussein Alwazir

Assistant Professor

Personal Information:

Ibrahim Hussein Alwazir.


Summary: Assistant professor in faculty of medicine Sanaa  University Senior Consultant in ophthalmology; Trainer and examiner of Arabic and Yemeni Board  of Ophthalmology.

Education:MB;ChB. (Alexandria 1981)Master of Ophthalmology  (Alexandria 1990) Doctorate of Ophthalmology (Suez Canal University 2002)

Experience:One year internship  (Alexandria 1982 )/One year as GP  (military hospital )/Two years in pediatric department  (Al-gomhuri Hospital )/Two years full time residency in ophthalmic department in Althawra hospital  (Before Master degree and four years after.)/Three years in Kuwait hospital before Dotorate degree and another three years afterwards. ^In Althawra hospital since 2004 until now  (2022)

Conferences and Workshops More than one hundred conference and workshops  over 35 years

Research and scientific papers:

Norma bacterial flora in contact lens wearers  (thesis of Master degree ) /Causes of retinal detachment in Yemen /Causes of monocular and binocular blindness (hospital based study in Kuwait hospital )/Clinico-pathological study of Oculo -Orbital tumors /Surgically induced Astigmatism  following cataract surgery  (Thesis of Doctorate  degree)/Visual outcome and complications after scleral tunnel  incision in cataract surgery