Kaima Abdullah Hamod Frass

Associate Professor

Personal Information:

Name:        Kaima Abdullah Hamod Frass

Place of birth:      Sana’a

Address:               Tel. 733234474                                                                               



  • Position:
  • Associate Professor in obstetrics and gynecology – Sana’a University. Consultant in Al Thawra General Hospital – Sana’a since March 2013.
  • Professor in obstetrics and gynecology – Sana’a University. Consultant in Al Thawra General Hospital – Sana’a since December 2018.



  • Bachelor (M.B.B.S): In medicine and general surgery from Sana’a University at 1992.
  • Diploma in obstetrics and gynecology: In Al Thawra General Hospital at 1995.
  • Arab Board (obstetrics and gynecology): In Syria at January 2003.
  • MCs (obstetrics and gynecology): From Sana’a University at August 2004.
  • D equivalent from Sana’a, ministry of higher education (in obstetrics and gynecology) 2003.



  • Experience:
  • Consultant in obstetrics and gynecology Sana’a University – Al Thawra General Hospital.
  • Teacher and lecturer for the medical students in the Sana’a University.
  • Supervisor for Clinical MD of obstetrics and gynecology in sana’a university.
  • Supervisor for Research of master degree in obstetrics and gynecology sana’a university.
  • Member of high research committee in faculty of medicine Sanaa university.
  • Lecturer for the Yemeni membership.
  • The coordinator of the Yemeni Specialization Certificate in obstetrics and gynecological study (practical MCs) in Sana’a since 2006.
  • The previous coordinator of the Diploma Study in Obstetrics and Gynecology in Sana’a from 2004 – 2006.

Conferences and Workshops:

1-Student assessment workshop in20- 22 march 2022 faculty of medicine sana,a university.

2- Research methodology workshop of faculty of medicine for obst&gyne department 16-17 March 2022

3-Women health responsibility of all conference of Alsabeen hospital15-15 December 2021.

4-Curriculum life cycle& adopting the National academic Reference standers,22-23 September 2019.

5-The first obstetrics and gynecology conference for faculty of medicine October 10-11 2018.

6- The way for Quality of learning 18 February 2018.



Research and scientific papers: Dr Kaima Abdullah Frass (research for the position of professor)

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