Salim Nasser Saleh Al-Riyashi

Assistant Professor

Personal Information:

Name: Salim Nasser Saleh Al-Riyashi

Date and place of birth: Dmt – Street

Phone : 773103177



He holds a Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate in Medicine, fluent in three languages, Arabic, mother tongue, Russian and English. Currently, Head of the Anatomy and Histology Department, Member of the Board of Directors of Nasser Hospital, President of the University of September 21, Graduate Studies and Scientific Research.


Bachelor’s degree in medicine, with distinction, with honors (Moscow Medical Academy 1999)

  • Master’s degree in Cardiovascular Surgery (Moscow Medical Academy 2001)
  • Doctorate degree in medicine, specializing in microanatomy and histology (Moscow Medical Academy 2007)
  • Decision of promotion to the rank of associate professor 2015  Of experience

Head of the Department of Basic Medical Sciences

  • Head of Education and Development of Teaching Aids at the Faculty of Medicine, Sana’a University
  • Member of the Medicine Objective Council, Sana’a University
  • Member of the Center for Medical Education and Development
  • Head of the Anatomy and Histology Department at present
  • Director General of Nasser Hospital

 Conferences and Workshops:

  • Methods, methods, techniques of learning and assessment
  • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

 Ethics of health practices and medical research

  • The Third Yemeni-Saudi Conference on Climate Diseases and Allergies
  • The Sixth Gulf Cardiac Surgery Conference

 Curriculum development

  • Preparation for the preparation of academic program specifications

 Research and scientific papers:

Morphological changes of the thyroid gland during its development

The effect of herbs on the speed of healing of the wall of the institute


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