Altaf Mohammed Abdullah Al-Fandi

Nationality: Yemeni.
Date and Place of Birth: Municipality of the Capital 1985 AD -1405 AH.

Assistant Professor of Linguistics and Lexical Studies in the College of Languages, Department of Arabic Language, Sana’a University.

A PhD – College of Languages, Department of Arabic Language, major: Linguistics (Lexical), grade (excellent), average (98%), in 2020 AD, Sana’a University.
 MA – Faculty of Languages, Department of Arabic Language and Translation – Specialization: Linguistics, grade (excellent), average (90%), 2014 AD, Sana’a University.
 Bachelor of Languages – Department of Arabic Language and Translation, with a general grade of (very good) with an average of (85.5%), in 2008 AD, Sana’a University.
 General Secondary – the scientific section, with a grade of (very good), with a rate of (85.62%) for the year 2001/2002.
 Computer Leadership Diploma (Windows-Word-Excel), grade (Excellent), in 2014 AD, Computer Center, Sana’a University.

*Teaching Arabic language requirements (101), (102), (103) and (104), Sana’a University:
A) Teaching the Arabic language course requirement (101) and (102), the first level:
1) College of Languages:
Turkish Language Department.
– English department.
Translation Department.
2) Faculty of Commerce and Economics.
*Teaching Arabic language requirement (103) and (104), second level, College of Languages, Department of Persian Language.
*Teaching a specialized subject in:
1) College of Languages:
A) Department of Arabic Language:
– Subject lexical science – second level.
E – Second Level Language Skills.
– Subject Toward Comparative E – Level Three.
– Writing skills course E – fourth level.
B) Translation Department:
– Grammatical applications course – the second level.
– Grammatical styles course – second level.
2) College of Arts – Department of Arabic Language, subject of translation and Arabization – third level.
 Teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, Center for Community Service and Language Teaching – College of Languages – University of Sana’a.

Conferences and Workshops:
*Workshop on approval of documents for master’s programs, Sunday 7/2/2021 AD.

Research and scientific papers:
– The linguistic vision of Al-Jahiz, a master’s thesis discussed in 2014 AD.
– Definition in the Lexicon of Shams al-Ulum, a modern lexical approach, doctoral thesis, discussed in 2020 AD.
– The Lexical Industry and the Target Group, Dhamar University, Issue (12), September 2019.
– Employment of the Noble Qur’an in the Lexicon, a study in light of the theory of intertextuality, Dhamar University Journal, Issue (3), February 2020 AD, and in the Journal of the Cultural Intellectual Path issued by the Yemeni Heritage and Research Center, Issue (61), April 2020 AD.