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Faculty of Petroleum and Natural Resources

The Faculty in Brief
The faculty was established after upgrading the Department of Geology and Environmental Sciences of the Faculty of Science into an independent faculty and transferring the academic staff of the department to the Faculty of Petroleum and Natural Resources. The Faculty now includes three departments, the Department of Oil and Gas Engineering, the Department of Geology, and the Department of Environmental Sciences.  The faculty offers  three bachelor programs, one in each department. It looks forward to establishing new departments and programs in the future.


  • Belonging & quality
  • Excellence & professionalism
  • Integrity & transparency
  • Clarity & collaboration
  • Joint responsibility & equality
  • Equity, accountability & academic freedom


The Faculty seeks to produce qualified cadres in the field of petroleum and natural resources, capable of competing in the local and regional labor market, by providing distinguished educational, research and community services, in a stimulating learning environment that encourages creativity and innovation.


To excels locally and regionally in the fields of petroleum sciences and natural resources and contributing to sustainable development.
Scientific research
Academic staff


    1. Providing high-quality education that copes with the new developments in the fields of petroleum and natural resources;
    2. Qualifying specialized, highly-proficient graduates capable of competing in local, regional, and global markets;
    3. Building capacities and attracting specialized teaching cadres to improve the educational performance;
    4. Promoting partnership with relevant institutions and companies;
    5. Contributing to community service and providing consultations and technical and research studies.

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Faculty of Petroleum and Natural Resources