د عبدالله فروان

Abdullah Ahmed Ali Farwan

Associate Professor

Personal Information:

Born in 1958.

Married , I have  nine children


I graduated in education from primary to secondary school and then enrolled in sharia and law college at Sana’a University and received a bachelor’s degree with a (very good) grade in 1985.  And In 1988 I received My Master’s degree from Sana’A University with a very good grade, then enrolled as an assistant teacher in the Faculty of Sharia at Sana’a University and scholarshipd for a PhD in Sudan. In 1995, I received her PhD from Omdurman Islamic University with a degree (excellence) and was appointed assistant professor at the college. And In 2005 I was promoted to Associate Professor, elected head of the Comparative Division, and continued to teach to this day.


Phd in comparative jurisprudence Omdurman University excellent estimate


Public defender on public funds prosecution

Chief agency of the Accounting Supervisory Authority

Chief inspector judge

Associate Professor of Comparative Jurisprudence

Member of the Supreme Judicial Council

Conferences and Workshops:

I supervised many scientific letters in phd and master

I have participated in many conferences at home and abroad

Research and scientific papers:

1- Peace policy to prevent financial and administrative corruption

2-Pardon the punishment in the severe crimes in the security of the state

3-Editors’ judgments and judicial reports

4- The concept of public money and ways to protect it

5- Preventive measures to combat criminality that are dangerous to public security

6- The provisions of theft by causing sharia and law.

7- Controls to get out on the weld for a neighbor in Islamic political thought

8- Islamic criminal legislation

9- The entrance to the study of Islamic law (course)

10-Islamic Culture (course)

11- Legal policy (postgraduate course)