مريم الجوفي

Mariam Al-Jawfi

Assistant Professor

Personal Information:

Telephone (office): +967 1 256196

Mobile: +967 774662788, +967736160797


Nationality: Yemeni

Address: Sana’a, Yemen


Highly qualified senior lecturer with 21 years of comprehensive experience in teaching  Private International law  for different levels of undergraduate , post-graduate, master and high diploma. In addition to , extensive training experience of distinct disciplines of International  Humanitarian Law, Humans rights, Gender and  Women Empowerment. Collaborated with many community based organizations in training and advocacy.


PhD in Law                                                                                                                     1998

Cairo University, Egypt

MSc in Sharia and Law                                                                                                  1989

Sana’a University, Yemen

Diploma in Private Law                                                                                                  1988

Sana’a University, Yemen

Diploma in Islamic Sharia                                                                                              1987

Sana’a University, Yemen

Licentiate in Sharia and Law                                                                                          1986

 Sana’a University, Yemen


Member                                                                                                         2019- present

Supreme National Authority for Combating Corruption (SNACC) , Sana’a, Yemen.

Deputy Director                                                                                            2013-2019

Gender Development Research and Studies Centre (GDRSC), Sana’a University

Head of Training and Development Department                                          2007-2019

Gender Development Research and Studies Centre (GDRSC), Sana’a University

Faculty member,                                                                                           2013-2019

Gender Development Research and Studies Centre (GDRSC), Sana’a University,

Head of the Private International Law Department                                       2007-2011

Faculty of Sharia and Law, Sana’a University

Faculty member                                                                                           1999-present

Faculty of Sharia and Law, Sana’a University

Faculty member                                                                                           2007-2018

Supreme Institute of Jurisdiction, Sana’a, Yemen

Consultative committee Member                                                                2009-present

Supreme Committee for Human Rights, Sana’a, Yemen

Consultant                                                                                                   2008

Human Rights Ministry

Member                                                                                                        2012

National Conference Dialogue

Executive office Member                                                                             2007- Present

Yemen Women Union

Head                                                                                                            2007- Present

Legal Department, Yemen Women Union

Conferences and Workshops:

Women and Peace: Exchange of view to civil society on sexual violence                  2018

Regional Conference, UN, Amman, Jordan

Attended the regional meeting held in UN office in (ESCWA), Beirut                      2010

Attended the international visitor program, law dominance programme                    2008

Organized by USA Department of State

Represented Yemen in UN, New York                                                                           2002

” Review of the extent of Yemen’s execution for the articles

of stopping of all discrimination patterns against woman (SIDAW)

Research and scientific papers:

” The Role of Supreme National Authority for Combating Corruption                              2020

and it’s Function” , Ministry of Transportation.

“Yemeni-German Reproductive Health Programme (YGRHP) in Yemen”                   2018

Gender analysis, GIZ

“The effects of wars and conflicts on Yemeni women and their role in peace”             2017

Yemeni Observatory for Human Rights

“Supporting Peace in Yemen: An Introduction to Peace building in Yemen”               2017


“Human Rights”, Research Paper for the Institute of Administrative Sciences             2016

Good Governance, GIZ

“The most important political, economic and social variables that occurred in Yemen 2016

during the year 2015 and their reflection on the status of women”

A presented working paper at the Annual Conference of the Arab Women Union – Cairo

“Improving access to basic social services for refugees and local populations, Yemen”,         2016

Gender analysis, GIZ

“Low Enrollment of Girls in Technical Education and Vocational Training”               2014

A study from gender prospective, GDRSC and the National Commission for Women

Lectures :

Gender Concepts”                                                                                                                                         2018

For post-graduate students, Gender Development Research and Studies Centre (GDRSC), Sana’a University

“The impact of women on peace and security from the perspective

of United Nations resolutions”                                                                                        2017

For post-graduate students, Gender Development Research and Studies Centre (GDRSC), Sana’a University

“International humanitarian law”,                                                                                  2017

For post-graduate students, Gender Development Research and Studies Centre (GDRSC), Sana’a University

“International human rights law”                                                                                    2017

For Post-graduate students, Gender Development Research and Studies Centre (GDRSC), Sana’a University

Nationality Regulation Rules, Private International Law                                        2000- present

For undergraduate students, Faculty of Sharia and Law, Sana’a University

“General theory of laws conflicts”, Private International Law                                2007-2019             For post-graduate students, Supreme Institute of Jurisdiction

“General principles of international law”, General International Law                               2010

For post-graduate students Diplomatic Institute – Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Legal status of the foreign investor”, Private International Law                                         2006

For Post-graduate students, Faculty of Sharia and Law, Sana’a University

Other Members