. Abdul-Rahman Ali Ahmed Al-Eryani

Dr. Abdul-Rahman Ali Ahmed Al-Eryani

Department of Field Crops production Science,

Faculty of Agriculture, Sana’a University


Water and Environment Center (WEC), Sana University



  • D. in Field Crops Production, 2001 University of Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt .
  • S. in Field Crops production – 1996, University of Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt.
  • Sc. in Agricultural science (1989) with honor – Sana’a University.


  • Assistant Professor:

Crop Science department, faculty of Agriculture, Sana’a University, Sana’a ,Yemen (2001- Till now )

  • Senior Researcher and Lecturer

Water and Environment Center (WEC),Sana’a Univirsity, (2004-Till now ).

  • scientivic Committee member

Integrated Water ResourceManagement (IWRM), Diploma & MS.C Sana’a Univirsity, (2004-2008 ).


  • Deputy Director:

Protected cultivation Center, Sana’a University (2008- Till now).

  • Chair of Laboratories Committee.

Faculity of Agriculture, Sanaa University (2003-2006)

  • Consultant :
  • Statistician on a study of ” Options for Changing the Economic Incentive structur for Groundwater Extraction In Yemen ” RFP No. NWRA 001.2.2006. LEI, Wageningen University and Research ,The Netherlands. WEC , Sana’a University , Sana’a ,Yemen ,Nofember 2008
  • Statistician on a study of ” Analysis of Private Water Providers in Urban and Peri-Urban Areas in Sana’a Part A: A Field Survey of Service Providers . WORLD BANK ,CONTRACT NO. 7153257 , March 2010
  • Field work team leader at Social Fund For Development, Small&Micro Enterprise Promotion service for “ Coffee Productivity Improvement Projec “ (2010 –Till now )
  • Statistician on a study of “Attitudes and Trends Assessment of Yemen Mobile Phone company Customers to Develop the Performance of MTN Company Services” MTN Company April 2011
  • Trainer :
  • WEC in Tailor Made Course Community Spate Irrigation, 4–13sep., 2006
  • Dhamar Participatory Rural Development project , “Field Crop Improvement Trainning “, 2nd Aug­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­-15th 2007
  • Dhamar Participatory Rural Development project, “Extension Guidelines .Development For Field Crops Productivity Improvement” on the 2nd -15th Sep. 2008.
  • Ymen Economic Corporation , Sector of Producion Units ” field Crop Production Improvements ” on the 18th – 24th of April, 2009
  • Dhamar Participatory Rural Development project, “Extension Guidelines Development For Field Crops Productivity Improvement” on the 15th of Aug.-18th of Sep. 2009
  • Sana’a Basin Project “Protected Cultivation in Sana’a basain Destricts ” 9th – 14th of January , 2010
  • Dhamar Participatory Rural Development, “Extension Guidelines For Field Crops Productivity Improvement” 10th of Feb.-10th of March . 2010
  • Natinal Women Committee ” Project feasibility studies”

27th of Sep.-29 th of Sep., 2010

  • Dhamar Participatory Rural Development, “Extension Guidelines For agricultural Crop Productivities and Financial skills Improvement” 18th of Oct..-30th of Oct. . 2010


Profestional Development and Training

  • participant in a completed 2-week training programme in integrated water resources management (IWRM) and teaching methods within the framework of the Nuffic sponsored NPT/YEM/036 Project , Wageningen,the netherlands, 17 june 2005.
  • participant in “Opening seminar for IWRM Diploma and Master Programme”Wter and Environmental Center ( WEC),Sana’a univ., Sunday, January 22 , 2oo6.
  • participant in Expert Group Meeting on “Municipal Waste water Use for Irrigation ” WEC, Sana’a Univ. November 4-7 th ,2006 .
  • participant in ” leadership for Integrated Water Resourses Management (IWRM) in MENA ” United Nations Univesity, International Leadership Institutte (UNU-ILI) 11-14 December, 2006, Amman, Jordan
  • Participant in “Praparing final matrex of integrated pest managment plan for Qat fields in Sana’a basin , Sana’a ,14-16 th July 2008
  • Participant in “Plant production and Environmental Issues.” Scientific workshop,”Agricultural evaluation impact on natural environmental system”, Yemen, Sana’a University, Agricultural faculty. 6-7 April 2004.
  • Participant in” The training course of”Policy-Relevant and Solutions-Oriented Reseach”,Cocoon project and Netherlands Initiative for capacity development in higher education (NICHE) Project.Water and Enviroment Center (WEC) 9-10 Feb. 2013


Conducted Research

  • Ensuring Food Security via Improvement in Crop Water Productivity in arid and semiarid environments
  • Food Security Achievement by Improving Barley Water Productivity in Dry land Regions
  • Effects of wheat production managment under defferent companitinon of production factors .
  • Growth analysis, yield, and N- use efficiency of corn hyprids as affected by Nitrogen fertilizer rates.
  • Growth analysis, yield, and N- use efficiency of sorghum varieties as ffected by Nitrogen fertilizer rates.

Specific Teaching Topics

  • Sana’a University
  • Statistics and experimental design.(for under and post- graduate students) .2002 till now
  • Principals of crops production. ( for under graduate & post graduate students) 2002 till now
  • Plant physiology cource ( for under graduate students) 2003 till now
  • Field crop physiology cource ( for under graduate & post graduate students) 2005 till now
  • Irrigation and firtlizer application management course (for post graduate students ) 2003 till now
  • Water and Environment Center (WEC) in Diploma and Master Science Programe
  • Water use management in agricultuer; 2006-till now
  • Integrated watershed management; 2006- till now
  • Water chain Management 2006 –2016)
  • Private Universities
  • Statistics cource 2004 – till now
  • Microeconomics principles 2004 – till now
  • Macroeconomics principles 2004- till now
  • Managerial of Economics Activities 2007- till now
  • Production Management . 2008- 2018
  • Project feasibility studies 2008-2019
  • Industrial and agricultural commodities marketing 2003- 2009
  • Services marketing principles . 2004- 2009
  • On- line marketing principiles . 2005- 2009
  • International Commerce principles . 2010- till now

Supervision of MSc Thesis

  1. Wastewater Reuse in Irrigation through Applying the IWRM Concept

(Effluent of Sana’a Treatment Plant as a case study)

  1. Water Demand Management in Sana’a through Applying the IWRM Concepts “ Impacts and constraints of Grey water reuse in Agriculture at Sana’a city
  2. Wheat Water Productivity and Yield Under Surface and Drip Irrigation Systems”
  3. “Humus ,N- Fertilizer and dificet irrigation Effects on wheat productivity under Yemen eastern Condutions “
  4. Effects of irrigation intervals,organic matter and nitrogen fertilizer on wheat productivity in eastern areas of Yemen(Mareb)
  5. “Assessing Crop Water Productivity Awareness From Field level to National Scale in Yemen within framework of IWRM ,Case-Study in Qa’a Jahran

7.“’Effect of Seeding rates and sowing dates on some wheat genotypes productivity “

8.“Evaluation of Some Wheat Varieties Performance under Different Sowing Dates in the Highlands of Yemen”

9.“Cactus Pear as an Innovative Green Technology Tool for the Reduction of Polluted Surface and Groundwater in Bani Al-Harith within the IWRM Approach”

10.“Study on options for changing the economic and social incentive structure for groundwater extraction in Sana’a basin”

  1. “Assessing Climate Change trends and its effects on field crop water requirements and productivitiesy , Dhamar as a case study
  2. “Assessment of Introducing Water-Saving Irrigation Technologies For Sustaining and Enhancing Field Crop Production ,in Jahran Area”
  3. Assessment of Food security, Gender livelihood Resilience and Official Efforts to Alleviate War Conflict Influences on Low Income Functionaries. “Employees of some Ministries as Case Study . Sana’a, Yemen”.