About the Academic Development and Quality Assurance Center

About the Academic Development and Quality Assurance Center

The Academic Development and Quality Assurance Center at Sana’a University seeks to fulfill its mission in developing the educational process and spreading the culture of quality among the university’s employees. It holds courses, workshops, seminars, scientific conferences, and developmental activities for the university’s input from faculty members, administrators and technicians, with the aim of improving and upgrading the quality of outputs from university education as they are The basis of the educational process to keep pace with the needs of community development of the distinctive qualitative disciplines. The center represents the main pillar in the field of quality assurance and academic accreditation and is a house of expertise, as it is the supervisor of the university’s colleges and centers in the process of developing and updating academic programs to prepare them for academic accreditation. A library that contains various scientific and training references (electronic and paper), previous event documents, and the center’s various publications. Development and quality are two processes that are necessary for the continuous improvement of university education and achieving a leading position at all internal, regional and global levels. Development is defined as improving the quality of university education and raising its level of performance, and the university’s colleges and its affiliated centers are concerned with achieving this. Therefore, academic development and quality assurance of the university’s colleges and centers are of importance. A great, urgent necessity and an urgent need dictated by the movement of contemporary life, it is evidence of the survival of the spirit in the colleges and centers, and it is the driving force for the effectiveness of the university education system to achieve its goals and mission entrusted to it, as academic development and quality assurance has taken upon itself the task of developing colleges and centers and upgrading them by spreading the culture of quality and taking into account Regional and global standards to improve the quality of performance of processes, inputs and outputs in a manner that leads to gaining community confidence in them and increasing their competitiveness.

The professional development program is one of the most prominent programs offered by the center, as the professional development program at the Center for Academic Development and Quality Assurance at Sana’a University aims to develop the skills of educational bodies, develop them and improve education in all its components, and through this process it achieves the effectiveness of mutual affiliation between the university represented by the Center for Academic Development and Quality Assurance and community institutions The various governmental and private sectors, with an aspiration to open or expand the relationship at the external level, to benefit from programs and external experiences with universities and centers of similar orientation, and the aim of this is to improve the educational and scientific process at the university and its programs to enhance the development process and link it to the needs of society and the labor market and to show its real role in The development process and foreseeing the future.

The message

The center sought to develop academic and institutional performance and quality assurance at Sana’a University to help the university’s various colleges and centers achieve academic, research, administrative and service excellence to maintain its leadership position.


Reaching a prominent position in the field of academic development to raise the level of performance and achievement
Excellence through accreditation.


  • Spreading the culture of quality and accreditation and promoting it among all university employees.
  • Building the institutional frameworks and strengthening the capacities needed to establish a quality assurance system at the university.
  • Activating the university’s quality systems and rehabilitating its colleges and scientific centers to obtain academic accreditation.
  • Developing the capabilities of the faculty members, technicians and administrators affiliated with the university.
  • Establish an information system for quality and accreditation at the university level and quality units in the colleges and scientific centers.
  • Developing the financial resources necessary for academic development, quality assurance and accreditation.

The origin of the center

Measurement and Evaluation Unit for Academic Development and Quality Center

The development of higher education is a necessary prelude to development in the university and in the university, especially in any society in general. It is not progress without a modern, high-quality university education without raising the level of skills and competencies of faculty members and university and administrative leaders, and to meet this, the President of the University Decision No. (400) was issued. (For the year 2006 AD to establish the Center for University Education Development, and it was also issued (844) for the year 2016 AD, the President of the University decided to amend the name of the center to the Center for Academic Development and Quality Assurance, which is a directive from the university leadership to pay attention to the development process as the center is one of the most important scientific and research centers specialized in qualification Quality assurance and then academic accreditation.

The center did not start its activities until the beginning of the year 2007 AD, as it is the university’s tool to keep pace with global developments to ensure quality and improve university educational performance, so that the university can coexist with the competitive global university environment, face challenges and achieve self-realization, and thus obtain global academic accreditation within prestigious universities.

The universities of many developing countries, including Yemen, suffer from their lagging behind the accelerated march of modern technology and its developments in the field of science and education, because university education in these countries does not keep pace with the requirements of the labor market and does not take into account the implementation of the quality standards of educational performance through which prestigious international universities reach the achievement of Quality assurance and improvement in educational performance par excellence. Below is a brief review of the Academic Development and Quality Assurance Center, in terms of vision, mission, objectives, structure, tasks, projects and achievements. The data for this part was drawn from the center’s annual report for the academic year 2018/2019, as shown in the reference (University 2019-2).