Measurement and evaluation unit

Measurement and evaluation unit

The unit is responsible for preparing the standards, tests, and evaluation and evaluation tools needed by the university to ensure the quality of its inputs, processes and outputs.

Tasks and specializations:

  • Preparing and developing evaluation tools for academic programs with their inputs, processes and outputs.
  • Designing tests and standards to reveal the university students’ aptitudes, abilities, tendencies and trends, to make use of them in the admission process.
  • Providing scientific and rehabilitative advice in the field of measurement, evaluation and statistics.
  • Periodic evaluation of samples from the final examinations and analysis of the results of the semester examinations or
    Annual studies at the university, and identifying strengths and weaknesses in light of quality standards.
  • Submitting reports on the extent of implementation of plans by the units, comparing them with the strategic plan with what has been implemented, and submitting proposals to address deficiencies.
  • Providing the center’s management with statistics and reports of the work accomplished.

Published research

Measurement and Evaluation Unit for Academic Development and Quality Center