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Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences

General Background
Since its establishment in 1970, Sana’a University has been shouldering its great responsibility and its boundless national duty to pursue scientific and educational developments and creativity in order to provide the Yemeni society with the required specialists in all the necessary scientific and applied fields.
The Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences of Sana’a University is the first public faculty in Yemen that has been established to meet the community urgent needs of specialists majored in those supporting and necessary medical disciplines. The provision of an advanced infrastructure and distinguished academic cadres would of course contribute effectively to upgrade the various faculty programs to keep pace with the most recent developments in the field of medical care. It also helps in qualifying specialists in the various applied medical disciplines to provide and improve medical health care services in Yemeni and the whole region.


  • Excellence and innovation in education.
  • Commitment to continuous learning.
  • Integrity in personal and professional life


We are committed to preparing qualified graduates in applied medical sciences possessing various scientific capabilities and clinical skills according to international standards.


To achieve national leadership and global reputation in the fields of applied medical sciences.
Scientific research
Academic staff


    • Acquiring skills and knowledge required to succeed in applied medical professions and instilling professional ethics.
    • Applying critical thinking and problem solving in clinical cases.
    • Adopting the continuous education approach and scientific research in applied medical sciences.
    • Developing the faculty members’ training skills.
    • Meeting the national needs and serving the community by providing various medical and health specialties and making them accessible to everyone, so as to save people from the burden of traveling abroad.
    • Undertaking the national responsibility by striving and contributing to reducing the dropout in the basic education and work outcomes to receive university education in the medical and health fields.

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