Bachelor's program

Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences

General Background
Since its establishment in 1970, Sana’a University has been shouldering its great responsibility and its boundless national duty to pursue scientific and educational developments and creativity in order to provide the Yemeni society with the required specialists in all the necessary scientific and applied fields.
The Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences of Sana’a University is the first public faculty in Yemen that has been established to meet the community urgent needs of specialists majored in those supporting and necessary medical disciplines. The provision of an advanced infrastructure and distinguished academic cadres would of course contribute effectively to upgrade the various faculty programs to keep pace with the most recent developments in the field of medical care. It also helps in qualifying specialists in the various applied medical disciplines to provide and improve medical health care services in Yemeni and the whole region.
Medical diagnostic imaging is an important part of the diagnostic process. The program prepares students to work on different methods of imaging.
The Department of Therapeutic Clinical Nutrition is one of the new departments in the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences. It has been established by a Decision of the University Council. Students will be enrolled in the department according to the new faculty structure at the beginning of the academic year 2020-2021.
The Anesthesiology program aims to qualify professional specialists in basic and advanced clinical procedures that assist anesthesiologists in providing safe and effective
care for those people who are undergoing anesthesia.
The Department of Prosthetics and Orthopedics is one of the departments of the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences that has been recently established upon a Decision of the University Council for the year 2021-2022.
It is clear that there is a severe shortage of professionals and centers specialized in Hearing and Articulation. Qualified professionals majored in this branch of knowledge are very rare.
Sana’a University seeks diversity and inclusion in the medical and health programs it provides. The Physiotherapy program is designed in consideration of the urgent need and lack of professionals specialized in physiotherapy on the one hand, and to keep pace with the global developments in the various branches of this discipline on the other hand. It aims to respond to the urgent needs of rehabilitation of the injured and disabled patients in Yemen.