Dean's message

Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences

The Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences was established in the year 2020-2021 under exceptional circumstances witnessed by our beloved country. The faculty has become one of the most effective and distinguished faculties of Sana’a University, as it includes five unique and aspiring programs based on applied and professional practices supported by scientific knowledge and experimental evidences. The programs aim to enhance the values of self-learning, critical and creative thinking and professional commitment, to solicit scientific research on social concerns, and to stress on the value of cooperation between the various health disciplines and the importance of using modern technology, including virtual classes.
The faculty employs distinguished elite of lecturers in all programs, contributing to enriching the students’ scientific and intellectual thinking. The modern specialized programs are offered by the faculty in order to achieve its vision and mission. Graduates of these programs are eligible to join the master’s, doctoral and professional board programs both inside and outside the Republic of Yemen. Thanks to the faculty’s commitment to implement equivalent programs, which are accredited regionally and internationally.
The Faculty aspires to resume a distinguished scientific position that befits the name and prestige of Sana’a University through maintaining quality standards, and quest to obtain local and international academic accreditation to keep pace with scientific progress in this field. I am fully confident that the graduates of the faculty will effectively contribute to improving the medical and healthcare services and requirements in the Republic of Yemen.
May Allah guide everyone to move forward towards success and development, and our last prayer is that praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds.

Professor/ Khalid Saeed Al Khamisi

Dean of the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences