ALI Mohammed Ahmed Saleh

Associate Professor

Personal Information:

Name: Associate Professor Dr. ALI Mohammed Ahmed Saleh .

Nationality: Yemeni

Date and place of birth: 1953, IBB, Yemen.

Marital status: Married

Degree: Associate Professor

Occupation: surgery department , Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Sana’a University, Yemen.



Tel. 733693040


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Associate Professor of surgery  ,form the date I finished M.D degree till now  I got an excellent experience in teaching and making a lot of study are a promotion to associate professor in 2014



  1. Medical Doctorate (MD) degree in surgery from Ain Shams university , Cairo – Egypt  1995
  2. American Board in surgery  from Cairo – Egypt  1995
  3. Master (MSc) degree in surgery from Ain Shams university , Cairo – Egypt  1990
  4. Diploma in surgery from Budapest 1986
  5. Bachelor (BSc) degree in surgery Baghdad , Iraq ,1978


  1. Lecturer for 4th &5th grade Medical student since 1995 .
  2. Teaching practice for the 4th grade in Al-Gumhury Hospital .
  3. Lecturer for nursing students – surgery
  4. Examiner for all levels in sana`a university
  5. Examiner for master degree in Sana’a university .
  6. Participiting in teaching and examiner of Arabic Board of surgery.

Conferences and Workshops:

  1. Participating in many conference internal as well external

Research and scientific papers:

I have many studies published & Accepted in cario unicersity kasser Alaini Journal

  1. Complication of Colostomy Reversal Among Traumatic Patients in Typical Police Hospital in sana`a , Yemen. Ali Muhammed A.Saleh, M.D, Yasser Abdurabu,M.D, Mohamed A.A.Al-Husiani , M.D, Saba Musaed A. Aldhulaimi, M.B.B.CH.
  2. Acute Appendicitis: Is There a Difference Between Pediatric and Adults. Ali Muhammed A.Saleh, M.D, Yasser Abdurabu,M.D, Mohamed A.A.Al-Husiani , M.D, Hind m.AlHatar, M.B.B.CH.
  3. Pulmonary War Injury in Yemen. Ali Muhammed A.Saleh, M.D, Cairo, Arafat Ali Mohammed Al-absi, M.B.B.CH.
  4. Protein C, protein S and Protein D-dimer Levels in Patients with Major β-Thalassemia in Sana’a City: Case-Control Study. Mohammed AK Al-Nuzaili , Lutfi ASAl-Maktari , Zaid Ali Mohammed Al-Mutawakel , Hassan A. Al-Shamahy2, , Abdulwahab Ismail Mohamed Al-Kholani and Amin Abdulkarem Okbah. Clinical Medical Reviews and Reports. 2022; 4(3): 1-5. DOI: 10.31579/2690-8794/125.’a_City_Case-Control_Study
  5. Distribution of Hematological Parameters Counts for Children with Leukemia in Children’s Cancer Units at Al-Kuwait Hospital, Sana’a City: A Cross-Sectional Study. Lutfi AS Al-Maktari, Mohamed AK Al-Nuzaili, Hassan A Al-Shamahy, Abdulrahman A Al-Hadi, Abdulrahman A Ishak and Saleh A Bamashmoos. Advances in Cancer Research & Clinical Imaging. 2021; 3(2): 1-7.’s_Cancer_Units_at_Al-Kuwait_Hospital_Sana’a_City_A_Cross-Sectional_Study

  1. Asymmetric Dimethylarginine (Adma): A Novel Marker of Endothelial Dysfunction in Hyperthyroidism. Al-Nuzaily MAK, Tash FM, Farid MT, Al-Habori MA, Boshnak H and Abdelaal H. J Blood Disord. 2017; 4(1): 1043-47.
  2. Stem cells differentiation and probing their therapeutic applications in haematological disorders: a critical review. ALI, S. TARESH, M. AL-NUZAILY, M. POOI-LING, A. ISMAIL, S. AHMAD. European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences. 2016; 20: 4390-4400.

  1. Von Willebrand Factor: A Novel Marker of Endothelial Dysfunction in Clinical Hyperthyroidism Patients. Mohammed AL-Nuzaily, Saleh Bamashmoos, Samir Taresh, Lutfi AL-Maktri and Faisal Ali. Journal of Hematology & Thromboembolic Diseases. (USA) 2013; 1(4): 115-18.

  1. Relationship between total homocysteine, total cholesterol and creatinine levels in overt hypothyroid patients. Saleh A Bamashmoos, Mohammed AK Al-Nuzaily, Ali M Al-Meeri and Faisal HH Ali. SpringerPlus journal. (Germany/Switzerland) 2013; 2: 423-28.
  2. Coagulation Changes in Sickle Cell Disease Patients: Association between Markers of Thrombin Generation and Hemolysis. Mohammed AK Al-Nuzaily, Lutfi AS Al-Maktari, Saleh A. Bamashmoos, Ali M Al-Meeri, Faisal H Hamoud. Sana’a University Journal of Medical Sciences (SUJMS). Sana’a     J. Med. Sci.,  December 2013; 5(2): 56-62.
  3. Prevalence and Etiology of Anemia in Overt and Subclinical Hypothyroid Women in Sana’a, Yemen. Bamashmous SA, Al-Nuzaily MAK, Al-Maktari LAS, Taresh SAG and Ali FHH. Journal of Clinical Research Letters. 2013; 4 (1): 57-60.
  4. Homocysteine Level in Relation to Thyroid Function Tests in Hypothyroid Patients. Molham Ali Al-Habori, Ali Mohammed Al-Meeri, Mohammed Abdulkader Al-Nuzaily and Faisal Ali. Asian J. Med. Pharm. Res. 2014; (Iran/Turkey) 4(2): 101-106.,%202014.pdf
  5. Stem cell, types, and its role in the production of functional cells: Mini review. Lutfi Al-maktri, Faisal Ali, Mohammed AK Al-Nuzaily. Sana’a University Journal of Medical Sciences (SUJMS). Sana’a Univ. J. Med. Sci.,  December 2014; 6(1): 36-45.
  6. Others in the process of publication.

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