Nabil Abdo Ali Othman


Nabil Abdo Ali Othman

Date of Birth: 18.4.1969

Place of Birth: Taiz, Yemen

ADDRESS: Sana’a, Yemen

Mobil :                733828377             

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Instructor of general and Laparoscopic Surgery – College of Medicine – Sana’a University. I am interested in laparoscopic surgery and conducted many researches in this field. Also I am interested in colorectal surgery and bariatric surgery. I have a number of medical and surgical researches. Attended and participated in many conferences and workshops. Member of a number of local and international medical and surgical  associations and organizations.


  • MA in General Surgery , Sana’a University ,2004..
  • Training completion certificate in general Surgery for Arab Board .2003.
  • 1st part of Arab fellowship in general surgery , equalized to master degree ,2000.
  • B ; B. S; in medicine and surgery , Sana’a University ,1996.




work experience:


  1. Instructor of general surgery , , Sana’a University , 2009 – present .
  2. General surgery consultant, Saudi German Hospital ,Sana’a branch. 2018-until present .
  3. Instructor of general surgery ,Al-hikma University,2020.
  4. General surgery specialist in many of private hospitals in the capital Sana’a as a surgeon under call.
  5. General surgery specialist in Iranian Hospital, Sana’a (Iran’s Red Crescent)  , Dec  2004   – Oct  
  6. General surgery specialist , Al –Kuwait University Hospital , Sana’a, 2004.
  7. General practitioner in general surgery , Althawra Hospital , Sana’a ,1998 – 2003.
  8. General practitioner in general surgery , Al-Kuwait university Hospital , Sana’a, 1997  – 1998.


Conferences and workshops:


  • Attended in the 4th Scientific Conference of the Military Cardiac Center and 4th Yemeni Cardiac Imaging Conference , faculty of Medicine and health Sciences Sana’a University 13-16 December 2021


  • Attended in the 3rd Scientific Conference of General & Laparoscopic Surgery , Sana’a-Yemen, 27-28 Oct, 2021.


  • Participated in the Oncology Forum- “Diagnosis of

Colorectal Cancer”  – National Cancer Control Foundation & The National Oncology Center   Sana’a, 1-3 Feb, 2021


  • Attend in The first scientific conference of general and laparoscopic surgery, Yemen-Sana’a, 29- 30 Jan, 2020


  • Attend and participate in many medical seminars and meetings, Sana’a, 2013-2014


  • Attend and participate in many seminars on human

rights in Yemen, 2013-2014


  • Attend and  participate  in many seminars on torture in Yemen ,2013


  • lectures were given to officers and directors of the police departments in a number of Yemeni cities such as Sana’a, Hodeidah, Aden and Ibb under the supervision of the European Union, 2013.


  • First Yemeni conference for cardiac Disease , Sana’a ,1997.
  • Arab Medical conference , Sana’a,1999.



 Research and scientific papers ;


  • Impact of torture on the health and biological aspects ,prepared for the transparency center, sanaa,2011.
  • The role of transparency in the successes of process in the field of health , education and water, prepared for the organization of Arab transparency , 2010.
  • Laparoscopic appendectomy in Yemen, comparative study ,
  • Laparoscopic appendectomy versus open method in Althawra Hospital , 2003.
  • A field researcher in the study of women in development in Yemen , 1999.
  • Limited Survey about the Impact of Media on reproductive health and Family planning in Yemen,

submitted to UNFPA , Yemen (with others),1997.

  • Study about prevalence of Rheumatic heart disease in students in some schools of Sana’a city (with others),1997.
  • Marginal Groups in Yemen Cities , A study prepared for the UNFPA (field researcher ) ,1996.



A book about torture in Yemen, submitted to European Union,2013

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