Hassan Mohammed Al-Mahbashi

Associate Professor , College Dean

Hassan Mohammed Al-Mahbashi

Associated  Professor  at

Department of forensic Medicine and Clinical Toxicology ,Faculty of Medicine Sana’a University –Yemen


Phone no. Mobile: +967771703099



  • D 2010 in Pharmacology &Toxicology , Faculty of Pharmacy Cairo University.
  • V. 2002 in Pharmacology &Toxicology , Faculty of Pharmacy Baghdad  University.
  • V.Sc., 1995 Faculty of Pharmacy Sana’a University.


Work Experience

  • lecturer of practical toxicology and pharmacology at college of pharmacy sana’a university .(   2002 till now)
  • Lecturer of toxicology at faculty of medicine and pharmacy ,Sana’a university .( 2010 till now)
  • Lecturer of pharmacology at faculty of dentist ,Sana’a university (2010)


  • General Management of Supreme head of Medicine & Medical Appliances (6\2015-1\2016 ) .
  • Established of National Academic Reference Standards
    Pharmacy Education (NARS) (Yemen 2018)

Research Interests


  • Pharmacological and Biochemical Studies

      In vitro and in vivo evaluation of different biologically active materials, as:

  • Evaluation of anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic, anti-ulcerogenic activities.
  • Evaluation of anti-diabetic, diuretic, antioxidant and hepatoprotective effects.


  • Toxicological Studies
  • Toxicological evaluation of different compounds of synthetic, semi synthetic or of natural origin from the toxicological point of view on reproductive, hematopoietic, liver and kidney functions in lab. animals.
  • Toxicological evaluation of different poisons on human bodies
  • Toxicological evaluation of environmental poisons .


Trainer and well trained on Pharmacological and toxicological   (Instruments):


  • Tail flick.
  • Plantar Test (Hargreaves’ Method).
  • Automatic organ bath.
  • ELISA reader.
  • Blood pressure recorder (Tail cuff method).
  • Rota-Rod Treadmill for Rats.
  • Activity Cage.
  • Hot Plate.
  • HPLC
  • TLC Technique




  • As speaker in the 3rd Diabetic congress of the Iraqi Diabetic Society – Baghdad 27-28 February 2002.
  • As speaker in the 6th scientific Conference of college of Pharmacy –Baghdad University 2-9-
  • As speaker in the 11th conference of Syndicate of Iraqi Pharmacist  2-4….2002.
  • As attendant in the Scientific Conference that deals with Effect of Uses of Uranium in military on human people and Environment in Iraq .
  • As attendant in the 1st Scientific Conference of forensic Medicine and Clinical Toxicology Department –November 10-11 – 2009.Mansoura University –Faculty – Egypt .
  • As attendant and Poster in the 4th International Conference of the Forensic Medicine Authority – April 20-22- 2010 . Cairo –Egypt
  • As speaker in the 9th International Conference of Medical Research Division, – NRC, under the theme of “Nutrition and Health”, in December 2010.
  • As speaker in the 7th Scientific conference of the Forensic Medicine &Clinical toxicology Department – Cairo University  3May 2009.
  • As Attendant in the 8th Scientific conference of the Forensic Medicine &Clinical toxicology  Department – Cairo University  3May 2010.
  • As speaker in the 6th meeting of nMAFS March 8th – 10th 2014 porto sokhna hotel

Training courses and lectures

  • Analysis and identification of poisons in biomaterial samples (Sana’a University ,2005).
  • Analysis and identification of narcotics in biomaterial samples (Sana’a University ,2006).
  • Toefl: have a valid Local TOEFL certificate.

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