Nabil Hizam Al-Hamadi

Associate Professor

Personal Information:

Prof. Nabil Hizam Al-Hamadi

Date of birth: 1960

Nationality: Yemeni

Tel Nr. +967 775 277556

E mail:


Summary :

  • Head department of Forensic Medicine & Clinical Toxicology , Sana’a University
  • Professor of Legal Medicine , Supreme Justice Institute , Ministry of Justice , Yemen
  • Legal Medicine Consultant for Yemeni Courts, Police & Ministry of Interior.



  • 1986 King Saud University , KSA
  • D in Forensic Medicine & Forensic Toxicology, Karl Franzens University, Vienna, Austria 1999.
  • FAMA (fellowship of Austrian Medical Association in Forensic Medicine & Forensic Sciences, Vienna ,Austria 1999.


  • Assistant professor in Forensic Medicine, Sana’a University
  • Associate professor in Forensic Medicine, Sana’a University 2007.
  • Professor of Forensic Medicine, Sana’a University 2014.

Conferences and Workshops:

  • International Conference in Legal Medicine, Hargada, Egypt 2020. (Scientific paper).
  • International Conference in Legal Medicine, Dubai, UAE 2015 (Scientific paper).
  • Workshop of Medical Ethics, College of Medicine, Sana’a

University (May 2013).

  • Characters &Elements of Curriculum, College of Medicine,

Sana’a University (June 2013).

  • Methods of Assessment, College of Medicine, University of

Science and Technology (February 2013)

  • Assessment of the curriculum of the medical college (20-21

Feb 2010), in the Centre of Medical Education, college of

Medicine, Sana’a University.

  • Curriculum design, Centre of Medical Education Sana’a University Nov.2009.
  • Assessment of Medical Education workshop, Sana’a University Feb.2009.
  • Evidence Based Medicine (19-20 May , 2008), Sana’a.
  • The Third Yemeni-Saudi Conference (24 April- 1st May, 2008).
  • Training course on Research Methodology and Scientific paper writing organized by The centre of medical education in collaboration with W.H.O (17-22 Feb 2007)
  • Viral Hepatitis (January 2007) chairman of session.
  • The Third Ophthalmic conference, Sana’a (April 2007).
  • Second Yemeni-Saudi conference of clinical immunology and allergeology (14-16 Nov)
  • 4th Yemeni German Conference (6-8 March).
  • Curriculum Revision and Development, held in Medical Education Centre, Sana’a University in collaboration with W.H.O (26-29 Nov).
  • The First Scientific Forum for Postgraduate Studies &Scientific Research (18-19 May)
  • uUnified Medical Examination for Medical Students in Yemen, workshop , Medical Education centre, Sana’ University- Yemen, Dec.2003.
  • Continuous Medical Education (30 Dec-2nd Jan 2001),Medical Education Centre, Sana’a Universtiy.

Research and scientific papers:

1 ·         Nabil Al-Hamadi, Virginity misinterpretation as phenomenon of female abuse in Yemen,SUJMS (Sana’a University Journal of Medical Sciences), Volume 5(2) (June 2013)
2 ·         Nabil Al-Hamadi, A case buried alive deprived from medical care-case report,volume(4) 2 (December 2012):52-54.
3 ·         Nabil Al-Hamadi, Esraa A.Al-Ani, Pesticides effects on liver enzymes among Yemeni qat farmers,Volume 40(November 2012):114-134.
4 ·         Nabil Al-Hamadi, Causes of death due to asphyxia and violence to the neck in Yemen,Volume31(3) (September 3.2010):1715-1722.
5 ·         Nabil Al-Hamadi, Violent forms of fatal child abuse in Yemen, Yemen,Volume30(3) (September 3.2009): 1467-1473.
6 ·         Nabil Alhamadi , Assessment of Some Medical Malpractice during Surgical Procedures in Yemen, Egyptian Journal of Hospital Medicine, Volume 24 (Sept.2006), 415-429.


7 ·         Nabil Alhamadi; Thabet Nasher; Rafieddin AlMadi, Some Biochemical &Haematological Parameters on Some Cases of Dependence among Yemenies, Vol 23

(June 2006), 226-230.


8 ·         Rafieddein AlMadi; Nabil Alhamadi, A Study to Evaluate the Efficiency of Some Smuggled Drugs in Yemen, The Journal of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, Vol 16,Nr 3 (July 2004), 1-13.


9 ·         Michael Klintschar; Nabil Alhamadi; Tina Lux; and Barbara Reichenpfader, Genetic Variation of the Short Tandem Repeat Loci Hum VWA, Hum FXIIIB and Hum FES/FPS in the Egyptian and Yemenian Population ; Journal of Forensic Sciences , Vol 43, Nr 4 (July 1998), 850-853.


10 ·         Michael Klintschar; Nabil Alhamadi, A Study on Five Short Tandem Repeat Systems in a Yemenian Population Sample, Progress in Forensic Genetics 7 (1998), 300-302.



11 ·         Klintschar M; Kozma Z; Nabil Alhamadi, A Study on Short Tandem Repeat Systems Hum CD4, Hum Th01 and Hum FIBRA in Population Samples from Yemen and Egypt, International Journal of Legal Medicine, Vol 111 Nr 2 (1998), 107-109.
12 ·         Michael Klintschar; Ugo Ricci; Nabil Alhamadi, enetic Variation at STR loci  D12S391 and CSF1PO in Four Populations from Austria, Italy, Egypt and Yemen, Forensic Science International, Vol 97 Nr 1 (Oct 12th 1998), 37-45.
13 ·         Mechael Klintschar; Alexander Ebner; Nabil Alhamadi; Mario Darok, A Genetic Study on STR Systems TPOX and D17 S976 in and Egyptian and Yemenian Population sample, 50th  Anniversary Meeting San Francisco (Feb 9-14 1998).



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