Munef A. Mohammed.



Personal Information:

Name: Munef A. Mohammed.

Date of Birth: 17th June 1969. Permanent Address: Department of Earth SciencesFaculty of Petroleum and Natural ResourcesSana’a University. Telephone: 464181 (Home). +967-773257610

Email:   Status: Single. Nationality: Yemeni.

Summary: (A brief profile Summary of the faculty member at least 3 lines)


Summary: (A brief profile Summary of the faculty member at least 3 lines)

Associate professor at the Faculty of Petroleum and Natural Resources. Professional university lecturer with more than 27 years of experience. my field of interest is Micropaleontology (Ostracoda) and its implication in reconstructing the paleo-ecology and paleo-climate during the Quaternary Period. My post-doctoral researches have been carried out at Hamburg University – Germany, during which two new genera and seven new species of Ostracoda were erected and described for the first time from Yemen. Besides, some works were published on the climatic history and paleo-lakes of the south-western highlands of Yemen during the Holocene (12, 000 years).



  • 2004 – Ph. D. in Micropaleontology, Department of Geology – Baghdad University – Iraq.
  • 1999 – M.Sc. in Micropaleontology, Department of Geology – Baghdad University – Iraq.
  • 1992 – B.Sc. in Geology with excellent grade, Department of Geology – Faculty of Science –Sana’a University.


  • 2012 – 2015, Youth leader at the department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Science.
  • 2006, Awareness work in the National Aids Control Program, Ministry of Public Health and Population (6 months), which supported by the Netherlands Embassy.


Conferences and Workshops:

  • 9th European Ostracodologist’s meeting (9th EOM, 2019), Gdansk-Poland, Ostracods from the highlands of Yemen and their palaeoclimatic implications, July 19-22-2019.


  • 19th International Senckenberg Conference, European Ostracodologist’s Meeting VI, Frankfurt am Main-Germany, September 2007.


  • The first international symposium on (The Role of Geosciences in a Changing Society), Amman-Jordan, Sponsored by UNESCO Cairo Office. (Abstract), May 9-13-2005.


  • 1st National Symposium on Science and Technology in Archaeological Studies, Baghdad, 2000.


Research and scientific papers:


  • Mohammed, M. M, Al-Ameri T. K., and Al-Sheikhly S. S., 2000: Pollen evidences for Quaternary in Mandli/Kut Area ;1st National Symposium on Science and Technology in Archaeological Studies, Baghdad, Iraq, pp:581-591.


  • Mohammed, M. A., Al-Sheikhly, S. S., and Al-Ameri, T. K., 2000: Palaeoecology of Mandli/Kut Areas during the Quaternary Period; 1st National Symposium on Science and Technology in Archaeological Studies, Baghdad, Iraq, pp: 571-580.



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