Adel Mohamed Taha Al-Weshali

dr.Adel Mohamed Taha Al-Weshali

Personal Information:

Academic Degree: Associated Professor

Faculty: Agriculture, Foods and Environment

Place and Date of Birth: Cairo Egypt, 1966

Status: Maried (two sons)


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He received his education in Cairo, starting with basic education and even finishing his doctorate in agricultural engineering, majoring in irrigation, at the Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University. He joined the Faculty of Agriculture – Sanaa University in 1989, where he worked in the agricultural mechanization workshop for a year, then transferred to academic work as a teaching assistant in the faculty in 1990. While studying for a master’s and doctorate degree in the Agricultural Engineering Department, Cairo University, he won the Japanese Kishida Prize from the Egyptian Association for Agricultural Engineering as the best scientific researcher In the field of agricultural engineering in 2002. Then he returned to the homeland and was appointed Assistant Professor in the Department of Agricultural Engineering in 2003 and promoted to the rank of Associate Professor in 2010, and during the same year he won the President of the Republic Award for Scientific Research. During his academic career, he held many positions, where he worked as the head of the irrigation department in the landscaping unit at Sana’a University, where he designed and supervised the implementation of irrigation networks for green areas in the old university and the new university and participated in the management of the university’s afforestation campaign. Then head of the Division of Applied Sciences at Sana’a Community College, which included the departments of programming, library management, graphics, sewing and embroidery. Then he was the first dean of the Sanhan Community College, where he determined the educational programs of the college’s departments, formed its academic staff, and sent teaching assistants for postgraduate studies to Malaysia and received the first batch of students to join the college seven months after he assumed the deanship. Then head of the Research and Studies Department at the Water and Environment Center, then deputy director of the center, then director of the center, and during his career at the Water and Environment Center, he updated a master’s program in integrated management of water resources and led many projects and studies, the most important of which is the conflict and cooperation project on water resources and the decentralized management project Water resources in the Sana’a Basin, the study of the impact of the war on water, sanitation and hygiene, and a study on the impact of the war and the blockade on food security in Tihama. He participated in a large number of documentary films on the importance of community stimulation towards local management of groundwater resources. Then he assumed the position of dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Sana’a University, where during his tenure the name of the faculty was updated to the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment through a comprehensive development process for the academic programs of the scientific departments of the faculty at the level of the bachelor’s level, as well as the approval of graduate studies programs for the master’s and doctoral stages. Finally, he added to his duties the position of Director of the Water and Environment Center, in addition to his work as Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Foods and Environment. He participated in the development of descriptions and numbers of scientific material for a large number of educational courses and short courses and held many free training courses for students in the field of designing irrigation networks using the computer. He participated in many international and local conferences, workshops and seminars. He is fluent in English and French languages.


Ph.D. Agricultural Irrigation, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, Egypt, 2003
M.Sc. Agricultural Irrigation, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, Egypt, 1999
B.Sc. Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, Egypt, 1988


April 2021 – to present Director of Water and Environment Center, Sana’a University
September 2018 – to present Dean of Faculty of Agriculture, Sana’a University
June 2016 – March 2018 Director of Water and Environment Center, Sana’a University
April 2012 – June 2016 Vice Director of Water and Environment Center, Sana’a University
Feb 2012 – June 2016 Head of Research Unit, Water and Environment Center, Sana’a University
Aug. 2010 – to present Associated Professor, Agriculture Engineering Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Sana’a University, Yemen.
Dec 2006 – Oct 2009 Dean of Sanhan Community College, Yemen
Jan – Nov 2006 Head of Applied Sciences Division, Sana’a Community College, Yemen
2004 – 2005 Head of Irrigation Sector, Landscape Unit, Sana’a University, Yemen
2003 – 2010 Assistant Professor, Agricultural Engineering Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Sana’a University, Yemen.
1999 – 2003 Lecturer, Department of Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, Sana’a University Yemen.
1990 – 1999 Assistant Lecturer, Department of Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, Sana’a University, Yemen.
1989 – 1990 Mechanization Engineer, Faculty of Agriculture Farm, Sana’a University, Yemen.
Aug. 2012 – Mar. 2018 Team Leader for Strengthening Research Capacity in Yemen’s Water Sector for Policy Formulation, Education and Awareness Raising (NICHE 027) Project
July – Dec. 2017 Supervisor for War Impact on Food Security and Livelihoods in Tehama (Wadi Zabid and Wadi Seham) Project
Oct. 2016 – March 2017 Deputy Team Leader for Humanitarian WASH Aspect and Infrastructural Aspect Related to WAR Impact Project
June 2016 – March 2018

Supervisor for Open Access Platform Information for Irrigation Management in Yemen Project
Jan – April 2015 Team Leader for Decentralization of Water Resources Management in Sana’a Basin”, FAO Project
Feb 2012 – June 2014 Team Leader for Groundwater in Political Domain, Conflict and Cooperation over Natural Resources in Developing Countries (CocooN) Project
June 2013 – April 2014 Local Coordinator for The Political Economy of Water Management in Yemen: Conflict Analysis and Recommendations Project
March – July 2012 Coordinator for Beneficiaries Impact Assessment of Groundwater and Soil Conservation Project


Conferences and Workshops
  • Chairman of First Conference for Discussion of Students Graduated Projects from Faculty of Agriculture – Sana’a University in Collaboration with The Small And Micro Enterprise Service (SMEPS), from 29 to 31 October 2018.
  • WUAs conference, The Water and Environment Center, Sana’a University, Sana’a, Yemen April 2017.
  • Standardization and Monitoring of Water Quality for Drinking in Yemen, The Water and Environment Centre – Sana’a University Feb. 2017.
  • Frist WEC Fair for Water Researches and Studies Outputs, The Water and Environment Center Sana’a University Dec. 2016.
  • Groundwater in the Political Domain, final seminar of Conflict and Cooperation over Natural Resources in developing countries (CooCoN) Project, Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), WOTRO Science for Global Development, Delft – Netherlands June 2014.
  • Regional Policy Dialogue Addressing “The Middle East Water Challenge” Prince Mohammad Bin Fahid Program for Strategic Research and Studies – University of Central Florida – Organized by The Hollings Center, Heybeliada, Istanbul, Turkey 14 -18 May 2014.
  • Shares The Process and Experiences of Local Communities in reaching Climate Change Resilience in The Arab Region, The International Union of Conservation of Nature, funded by The European Union – Amman Jordan 16 – 17 April 2014.
  • Energy, Groundwater and Agriculture Nexus “The Impact of Diesel Subsidy” WEC Sana’a University 21 Jan. 2014.
  • Yemen Irrigation Strategy – Work Shop by MetaMeta and NIP (National Irrigation Program) WEC Sana’a University 20 Jan. 2014.
  • Water and Livelihoods in Yemen, USAID-ICARDA Meeting, Sana’a 25-27 Feb. 2013.
  • WEC & Water Sectors Partnership Workshop, WEC – Sana’a University 6 Feb. 2013.
  • NICHE 027 YEM start up activities Meeting, WEC – Sana’a University 4 Feb. 2013.
  • Mid-term Review Workshop for Groundwater in the Political Domain Project “CoCooN”, funded by Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research “NOW” and Science for Global Development “WOTRO”, Ethiopia 21-27 June 2012.
  • Inception Workshop of the Nuffic Supported NICHE Yemen027 Project by MetaMeta, The Netherlands30 May – 2 June 2012.
  • National Conference for the Conservation and Management of Water Resources in Yemen 15 – 16 Jan. 2011.
  • Challenges in Applications of Integrated Water Resources Management, Water and Environment Center, Sana’a University, Yemen 15 – 16 March 2010.
  • International Summer School “Environment and Resource Protection: Water and Soil”, Organized by Rostock University under German Academic Exchange Services DAAD, Yemen 25 – 31 Aug. 2009.
  • First National Conference for Agriculture and Environment, Sana’a University, Yemen 18 – 19 May 2008.
  • Development Hieratical Structure of Arabic Organizations, Workshop, Egypt 2 – 6 Dec. 2007.
  • Approving Sanhan Community College Education Programs, Workshop, Yemen 12 Aug. 2007.
  • ICT Experts Meeting (Bachelor Level), Higher Professional Education Project, Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training, Yemen 15 July 2006.
  • Development and Evaluation of Vocational Education Curricula, Workshop, Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training, Yemen 26 – 29 Dec 2005.
  • Second Workshop for Water Resources Management USAID Project, Yemen 2005.
  • Needs Assessment for Graduates from, IWRM Program, Water and Environment Center, Yemen 20 Feb. 2005.
  • First Workshop for Water Resources Management USAID Project, Yemen 2004.


Research and scientific papers
  • Wahib Al-Qubatee, Henk Ritzema, Adel Al-Weshali, Frank van Steenbergen & Petra J. G. J. Hellegers: Participatory Rural Appraisal to Assess Groundwater Resources in Al-Mujaylis, Tehama, Coastal Plain, Yemen: Water International Journal, Informal UK Limited, trading as Taylor and Francis Group (2017) 42:7, 810-830.
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