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Faculty of Computer and Information Technology at Sana'a University

Faculty of Computer & Information Technology
The rapid development in the field of computer and information technology has led to significant changes in various fields of social, economic and technological life. It is important that the academic institutions, particularly Sana’a University, which is the oldest university in the Republic of Yemen, should keep pace with recent developments in the field of computer and information technology by establishing  the scientific majors that emerged from such developments in the field of computer and information technology in a way that meets the huge demand for such majors locally and regionally. Accordingly, the Rector issued a resolution  in 2007/2008, followed by the decision of the Supreme Council of Universities too, to establish the Faculty of Computer & Information Technology.
The Faculty includes three academic departments as follows:
1- Department of Computer Science
2- Department of Information Systems
3- Department of Information Technology
The Faculty offers undergraduate programs in Information Systems, Information Technology and Computer Science, as well as a postgraduate program in Computer Science. Furthermore, the Faculty contains a branch affiliated to the Cisco Academy that offers courses in networks and information technology. In addition, the Computer Centre, in the Faculty, offers a diploma in information systems and a number of courses and consultations for the community, so that the Faculty can achieve its objectives by providing a distinguished educational service, and supplying the Yemeni and regional labor market with well-trained and qualified outputs. In the future, the Faculty seeks to open an information technology program for people with hearing disabilities with a view to integrating them in society.

The Values

  • Leadership
  • Collective work
  • Partnership
  • Transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Creativity

The message

The Faculty seeks to provide distinguished academic education by offering academic programs in accordance with international standards and encouraging scientific research with a view to serving community and meeting labor market needs.


To excel in the field of computer and information technology locally and regionally.
Administrative staff
Academic staff


  • Producing specialists in computer and information technology capable of contributing to community development and meeting labor market needs locally and regionally;
  • Contributing to the development of human knowledge in the field of computer and information technology by promoting scientific research programs;
  • Offering scientific and technical consultations pertaining to computer and IT, in addition to training technical cadres in various sectors;
  • Establishing relationships with other relevant academic institutions with a view to exchanging experience in scientific and research-related fields.

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Faculty of Computer & Information Technology, Sana’a University