T. Heba Mohammed AL.Marwai


Personal Information:

Name: Heba Mohammed Ahmed AL.Marwai

Gender: Female

Nationality: Yemeni


Heba AL.Marwai is Lecturer in computer science department at Sana’a University. Heba is a researcher in the field of artificial intelligent. She has been published an article papers as author in highly regarded, peer-reviewed journals. Looking forward to gaining new knowledge and attending more scientific conferences and seminars.


2016-2019 Master of Computer Science, Sana’a University

2009-2012 Bachelor of computer Science Sana’a University


2013 – Present Assistant Teacher

– worked as assistant Teacher in Sana’a University for different Subject such as:

  • Application development
  • C# programming Language
  • Java programming Language
  • C++ programming Language
  • Data Structure and algorithm
    • Artificial Intelligent
  • DataBase1
    • Web Design
    • Comparative Language
    • Data mining

2016-2017 Trainer

  • Worked as Trainer for application development at Smart Security Solution Company
  • Worked as Trainer for International Computer Driving art Qurtoba Institute and Computer Center in Sana’a

Conferences and Workshops:

  • 2016: The First Scientific Conference in Information Technology and Networks, Al-Andalus University.§ 2020: Women in Data Science Conference

Research and scientific papers:

§ “Improved Semantic Information Retrieval “the First Scientific Conference in Information Technology and Networks, Al-Andalus University,2016.

  • A Review of Query Expansion approach. International Journal of Computer Science and Network, Volume 7, Issue 4, August 2018″
  • A Hybrid Semantic Query Expansion Approach for Arabic Information Retrieval. journal of big data. Springer,2020
  • Semantically Enhanced Term Frequency Based on Word Embeddings for Arabic Information Retrieval, International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA), Volume 3, Issue 1, (January-June 2021)