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Ahlam Abdul Wahan Sallam Saeed


I have gained good experience for more than 12 years in reaching and mentoring students at various levels, MSc, BSc, BSC honors, at Punjab university, Lahore,Pakistan, Sana’a university, Alnaser university, etc. During this time I also conducted and presented experimental work in microbiology laboratories and worked in civil society organizations such as Yemeni Society for consumer protection.

Working for BHS at USA ID as a best practice consultant for basic health services, gave me an excellent teamwork experience.


– Doctor of philosophy, July, 2006, University of the Punjab,Lahore, Pakistan.

– Master of Science, May 1999, College of Ibn Alhaitham, University of Baghdad, Iraq.

– Bachelor of Science, July 1996, College of Ibn Alhaitham, University of Baghdad, Iraq.

Higher education: Jan 1990, Mohammed Ali Orhan school, Taiz, Yemen.


– Teaching different courses in biology for different levels at Sana’a University since Feb 207 till now.

– Teaching different courses in biology field for different level at several universities and institutes since Jun 2007 up to date.

– Teaching experience in high school syllabus at several private schools since 2011.

– Worked as Best Practices Consultant at USA ID from 2009-2010.

– Held the position of secretary general at Yemeni Society for consumer protection from 2008-2012.

Conferences and Workshops:

– National training course on modern techniques in biotechnology, Faisalabad, Pakistan, 2004.

– Training workshop on Problem-based learning, Lahore, Pakistan, 2005.

-Training workshop in Principles of immunoassay for diagnostic use, Lahore, Pakistan, 2006.

– Training in molecular biology techniques ( PCR, electrophoresis etc…), for the presence post doc period at School of Biological Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan. 2006.

– Participated in the 4th conference on environmental and natural resources in Taiz, Yemen, 2007.

– Participated in the 4th conference of the Yemeni Biological Society held in Aden, Yemen, 2007.

-Attended the symposium on Role of clinical pharmacy in cardiovascular disease s, held at the Lebanese International University, Sana’a, Yemen, 2018.

– Attended the symposium on The effect of clinical pharmacology in the treatment of heart diseaaes, held at the Labanese international University, Sana’a, Yemen, 2019.

Research and scientific papers:

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