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Dr.Hafsa Hasan Taher

Faculty:  Education

Department:  English

General major:  English

Specific major:  Curriculum and Teaching English Methodology

Academic position required:  Associate Professor

Years of experience at the university: 25 years


Second:  Scientific qualification


Scientific degree Time of studying General field  Specific field Date of achieving the degree University/


Bachelor Degree 1981-1985 English English in Education 1985 Sana’a university
Master Degree in Education 1988-1990 English Curriculum and Teaching

English Methodology

1991 Colorado State University-USA


Doctorate Degree in Education 1995-1999 English Curriculum and Teaching English Methodology   Birmingham University-England


Title of the master thesis:  

Topic Sentence in The Rhetorical Prose:  A Comparative  Study between Arabic and English


Title of the doctorate  thesis:  

Cohesion and Coherence of the Academic Texts  Written By Yemeni  Learners


Third:  Academic Experience at Sana’a University


Academic position Date of achieving the position Time spent in the position
Demonstrator             ——-             ——–
Assistant teacher  1992 1992-1994
Assistant professor 1999 1999-2017
Associate professor            ——-           ——-





Fourth: Scientific, academic, administrative, and career activities

  1. Courses have been taught recently
  Undergraduate subjects Higher studies subjects
1 Research methodology ELT materials for Ph.D. students
2 Teaching methodology (1) and (2)  
3 Teaching theoretical practicum  
4 Supervising  practical practicum  at schools  
5 Teaching reading (1), (2), (3), and /(4)  
6 Teaching spoken (3)  
7 Supervising graduation research  
8 Teaching Listening Skill  



  1. Supervising master thesis


  Thesis title Main or co- supervisor Date of completion
1 The Effect of Direct and Indirect Feedback in Freshman Writing in the English Department Co-supervisor 2005
2 The Effect of Cornell Program of Note-Taking in Developing the Writing Skills Co-supervisor 2007
3 The Effect of Using Language Games on Spoken Language Skills Co-supervisor 2008
4 A comparative Study of the Impact of Teacher’s (between-draft) Comment Types on the Third Level Students’ Revised Drafts at the Department of English, Faculty of Education, Sana’s University Co-supervisor 2008
5 The Effect of Written Peer Feedback on the Writing Skills of Yemeni EFL Level Three Students at the Department of English, Faculty of Education, Hajjah University Co-supervisor 2013
6 The Effect of Using Self- Regulated Learning Strategies on Reading and Writing Skills for the EFL Learners of Level four, Faculty of Education, Sana’s University Co-supervisor 2013
7 The Effect of Scaffolding Strategy on Minimizing the Individual Differences between Level One Students in EFL, Faculty of Education, Sana’a University Co-supervisor 2013
8 An Evaluation of Tasks in English Course for Yemen(12th Grade) in Al-amana from Teachers’ Perceptions Co-supervisor 2014
9 A study of Pragmatic Transfer and Its Relationship to L2 Proficiency Among Yemeni EFL University Learners Main supervisor 2014
10 Pronunciation pattern Rules and their Effect on Level One Students’ Pronunciation at the Department of English, Faculty of Education, Sana’a University Co-supervisor 2015
11 The Effect of Teaching Lexical Chunks on the Improvement of EFL Students’ Listening Comprehension at the English Departmen, Faculty of Education, Sana’a University


Co-supervisor 2015



  1. Examining  Master Thesis


  Thesis’ Title Examiner Date
1 The Effect of the Communicative Activities on Developing the Writing Skills of First Level Learners at the English Department, Faculty of Education, Sana’a University


Internal Examiner 2013
2 Availability of Grammatical Awareness Among Yemeni EFL 4th Level University Learners Internal Examiner 2013
3 The Extent of Implementing M.ED. Research Outcomes Issued From the Department of English, Faculty of Education, Sana’a University from the Educational Institutions Officials’ Perspectives


Internal Examiner 2013
4 The Affixation Awareness and its Relationship to Vocabulary Knowledge Among English Department Students At Faculty of Education, Sana’a: A Morpho-Semantic Study Internal Examiner 2014




  1. Conferences, workshops, and training



Participation Place              year Conferences and workshops
Member 2015 Quality assurance at Sana’a University Workshop Related to Quality Assurance- faculty of Education- Sana’a University 1


Ministry of Education Workshop of Developing the frame of the educational  philosophy 2


Ministry of Education A member of the team for evaluating the English curriculum at schools   3


English Department, Faculty of Ed. Sana’ University A workshop in how to write vision-massage for the English Department 4


Canadian Experts- Sana’a University Workshop in how to bridge the gap in the curriculum 5


Birmingham University- UK Conference about cognitive style and its relationship to teaching reading 6


Sanfrancisco- Calilfornia – USA Conference of TESOL Quarterly 7
Member 1989  Colorado State University-USA Workshop on Teaching Grammar in Relation to Form, Function, and Discourse 8
Member 1989  Minnesota-USA Conference on The Principals of Teaching  English for Non-native speakers 9



  1. Administrative work at Sana’a University and Outside the University


  • A member of the Quality Assurance Team in the Faculty of

                                            Education, Sana’a University


2013-2015       A member of the Teacher Domain Department, Faculty of

                            Education, Sana’  University


2014-2015       A member of the early childhood committee, Faculty of Education,

                           Sana’a University.


2012-2014       Head of the English Department, Faculty of Education, Sana’a               



       2012-2014         Head of the Control Examination  team in the English



Academic Experience:


1999-2016       A full time assistant professor at Sana’a University.

2004-2017       Internal examiner of   over 8 mater thesis

  • A supervisor with Al nahdah Private School.

2007-2009       A supervisor with Al nahdah Private School.

2003-2005       A part time Assistant professor at Science and Technology


1997                  Arabic Teacher for native speaker of English, with the Peace Corps.

1996                  English Teacher for Adult non-native speakers of English in 

                           Birmingham,  (Multi-nationalities).


1992                  English Teacher Trainer with the American Peace Corps.

1990                  Assistant Teacher at the English Department, Faculty of Education,

Sana’a University

Fifth:  Scientific production for promotion


3 published papers in specialized scientific journals in Yemen and outside Yemen


Sixth:  Published papers


  Research title Publication Title of the journal Date of publication, vol., #  of pages Place of publication Rank of the researcher
1 The impact of metacognitive reading and writing strategies on enhancing Yemeni English major in reading comprehension


Already published Faculty of Education, university of Alexandria 2009, vol. 19, 3, PP.307-354


Egypt         1
2 Exploring EFL Student Teachers’ Writing Self-efficacy Beliefs: A Comparison of Student Teachers in Oman and in Yemen


Already published Language Studies in the Muslim world 2011, Vol. 1, PP.41-54 International  Islamic University-  Malaysia         2
3 A Gap Analysis between Classroom Practices and Students Learning Outcomes in an Advanced Writing Course



Already published Sana’a University for Educational and Psychological Science 20016, vol. 14, 2.,


Republic of Yemen         1