Assistant Professor


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medical doctor – medical lecuturer- counsellor and trainer on capacity building and self-awaerness – marriage counsellor- translator  – founder of development center- founder of develo. descipline ( Self Super Programming (SSP)) – social media activist on self change – author of series of books- TV and radio program preparation and prsentation

         Objective          Job in medical, training field or any other job that suits my qualifications.
84 – 1990





94 – 1995








Formal education :

·        M.B.;Ch.B Medicine and Surgery ( master British  system)Faculty of Medicine and Allied Sciences,

King  Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


·         Alternative Medicine : Reflexology

St. Claire college, Windsor, Ont, Canada


·        Chinese Medicine

Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Toronto, Ont, Canada.


Informal learning and self study

·        Psychiatry/Psychology/Child Psychology/Marriage Counseling/Adolescent Psychology/Self  Awareness and Change /Parenting : St. Claire college, Windsor, Ont, Canada.




Other Courses


Different  courses in Public Health, Ministry of P.Health,Sana’a

Epidemilogy Principles       –  GuineaWorm Eradication

–              Poliomyelitis Eradication    –  Monitoring & Reporting

–              Epi Info. Application           – Malaria Control

–              Health mapping                   – Evaluating Health programmes



Work Experience




2004 – present












2000- 2011









2000- present






(different periods)














June 2008-July 2009





2000 – 2004





·        High Institute of Health Sciences, Alziraa St., MPHP,Sana’a

Position: lecturer in Psychiatry,Mental Health,Clinical Psychology, Internal Medicine, Paediatrics, and others



·        The 26th of September Medical Center, 26th St.,Sana’a city

Position : General Practitioner and Clinical Psychologist



·        Dentistry College, university of Sana’a, Sana’a,Yemen

Position: lecturer in Mdical Ethics



·        Dr. Almoayad General Practice Clinic, 30 Aldairi W.,Sana’a

Position: General practitioner



·        International Center for Self  Development,30 Aldairi W.,Sana’a

Position: Trainer and Counselor, Training on Self Awareness and Change; Family and Social Counseling  and Education


·        Trainings,lecturing,writing and presentation of programs  on self development and change,health and medical topic and social problems. ( schools,social media,radio,tv, centers)



·        Deliver, reproductive health project,John Snow In.

USAID-funded project,Sana’a,Yemen

Position:Manager Assistant and Translator


·        Social Fund for Development (SFD) / Yemen

Position : Trainer Assistant and Translator, Society for Care & Rehabilitation for the Blind,Sana`a,Yemen


·        Directorate General of Working Women, M. of Social Affair, Sana’a, Yemen

Position: Coordinator and Translator






·        ADRA –Yemen, Conflict Mitigation Project, USAID-funded, Sana’a, Yemen

Position: Assistant Project Manager and Translator



·        National Cr. for Epidemiologic Surveillance and Disease     Control , MPHP,Sana`a,Yemen

Position: Medical Supervisor and translator


93 – 1994 ·        DR. Pearce Family Practice, and  Seven Mile
Medical  Cr.  Dearborn and Detroit, MI, USA

Position :  Family Practitioner


93 – 1994





·        ACSES

Position: Counsellor,AIDS Prevention Program,

Dearborn, MI, USA







·        Almahabsha General Hospital, Hajah, Yemen

Position:  General Practitioner

90- 1991 ·        King khalid and King Fahad Hospitals

Jeddah and Albaha, Saudi Arabia

Position:  Intern














Volunteer Work  Experience



2000 -present


Health & social education at schools, Sana’a ,Yemen


Organizing and leading courses and workshops on health, medicine, self deveopment and social reform.


Writer about malpractice of medical profession, medical subjects, social reform, family problems and health education on papers and social media,telegram and whatsapp.



Skills, Qualities & Interests
  • Translation and interpretation ( English-Arabic )
  • Preparation and presentation of radio programmes on heath and self development
  • Preparation of TV programs on Yemeni space channels on parenting and child and family matters
  • Great interest in human rights, in particular of children and women
  • Public health and community- service oriented
  • Great interest in child and adolesent protection, social and education reform
  • Fluency in both Arabic and English
  • Author of a series of books on self development, health, medicine, family and social matters
  • Creative, team player, good judgment, analytical skills
  • High sense of responsibility, initiative
  • Tolerance, consistency, friendly
  • Great ability to develop and learn
  • No smoking, drinking, or qat


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