شعار الكلية للايميل

Zainab Khalid Amin Al-Dubai

Teaching Assistant

Personal Information:

Date and place of birth: Sana’a \1992.

Nationality: Yemeni.Address:  Sana’a – Taiz street.


I have been working at Sana’a university Dentistry department as a professor assistant in the prosthodontics labs and clinics, supervisor of many levels since 2017 until now, in the prosthodontic department, complete and removable dentures.


Bachelor of dentistry and orofacial surgeryat Sana’a university -V.Good (2015).


1-I have worked at Al-Zubairy Medical center.

2-I have worked at Dr. Al-Yamani Clinic 2015.

3-I worked as an English teacher at Atlantic .

4-working at Sana’a university as professor assistant in the prosthodonticsdevelopment

science 2017 until now.

Conferences and Workshops:

1-Mini master in management of hospitals and pharmacies2017

2- A certificate in setting up projects and feasibility study   2017.

3- First scientific meeting for conservative treatment.

4-Sana`a International conference for dentistry.

5- Taking the complete courses of (ICDL) (2019).


1.Computer(2011).        2.English(2011).

7-First aid course.

Academic Skills:

1-An academic skills in teaching labs and clinical dental work in many field.

2-An academic skills in teaching Dental lectures in many field .

2-An academic skills in many dental field weather fixed or removable such as:

Composite dental services (COSMETIC).-

– Pediatric Dentistry (Composite – Pulpotomy –  Pulpectomy – Extraction of pedoteeth

and good communication with children

-Patient registration service.

-Case presentation and digital radiology.

-Operative dentistry (Amalgum-composite).

-Periodontology ,Crown and bridge ,Prosthodontic .

-Orthopedic dentistry.

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