Ali Mansour Aaeed EL-SHAFE’Y

Associate Professor

Personal Data:

Name: Ali Mansour Aaeed EL-SHAFE’Y

Date of Birth:1951

Academic Rank: Professor in Pediatrics




  • Bachelor of general medicine and surgery,1981. Al-Azhar university, Egypt.
  • Master in pediatrics, 1986, Cairo university, Egypt.
  • Clinical M.D in Pediatrics, 1995, Cairo university Egypt.


Acquired Experiences:

  • Work at Abu-RRish Pediatrics university hospital, university of Cairo as visiting, permanent physician, from 1987-1990
  • Appointed as first specialist in pediatrics department as Al-Thawra hospital Taiz, from 1987-1990.
  • Appointed as assistant lecture in pediatrics department as the faculty of medicine, Sana’a university, from 1991-1995.
  • Worked as researcher and specialist as children allergy clinic, Abu-RRish university hospital, Cairo university, during clinical M.D preparation (1989-1995).
  • Participation in the children international scientific conference (All important symposiums), Cairo 1994.
  • Participation in the intensive course on newborn Babies for 3 consecutive days, Cairo, supervised by American and Egyptian specialist, 1994.
  • Appointed assistant professor at the faculty of medicine and health science, Sana’a university, 1996
  • Head of pediatrics department, Sana’a university.
  • Participation in training and teaching in the pediatrics Diploma, affiliated to ministry of health, 1998.
  • Chaired three scientific during conferences held in Sanaa (1998-1999).
  • Participation in several conference abroad held at different times.
  • Prepared programmers for master and M.D degree in pediatrics at Sanaa university and approved of by the faculty council
  • Participated in the Meetings of Arab council for medical specialization in Damascus, 1998.
  • Member, Arab council for medical specialization.
  • Chairman, respiratory system committee, (IMCI) programme Ministry of public health and participated in finalizing the programme.
  • Taught pediatrics course (theory & practice), fifth year, 1996-till Today
  • Trained sixth year students, the clinical aspect, 1996 – till today.
  • Member, supreme, medical committee, Sanaa university, since it was set up till today.
  • Participation in all the faculty council meetings, clinical department (1998 –till today), and in the symposiums held by the faculty of medicine.
  • Participation in refereeing research paper for the Aden university scientific, Prize 2002.
  • Member, polio Eradication expert’s committee, since its setting up till present.
  • Obtained many training courses, locally and internationally.
  • Supervised several graduation project, faculty of medicine, Sana’a university.
  • Member, working plan project committee for improving performance at the faculty of medicine, Sana’a university, 2002.
  • The Dean, prime minister resolution dated 2/4/2003.


At the faculty of Dentistry (Old building), the dean has:

  • Regulated the faculty in an intuitional manner.
  • Established the third clinical for dental chairs.
  • Established crowns and bridges lab.
  • Established removable dentures lab.
  • Established fixed dentures lab.
  • Founded teeth casting lab.
  • Set up faculty library.
  • Instructed the installation of internet network and 13 computers machines.
  • Instructed the construction of three green areas around the faculty building.
  • Instructed tree-planting the route connecting the faculty with the main gate of the faculty of medicine and health sciences.
  • Instructed to construct steps to the library.
  • Instructed to plant all areas surrounding the collage.


At the faculty of dentistry (New building), the dean has:

  • Supervised the inside changing of the new dental faculty project which consider as one of the biggest on the worldwide.
  • Negotiated with world company which will constructing the new dental project including installation of air, water, electrical …. etc.
  • Supervised for equipment and furniture needed for new building.
  • Supervised to plant all area surrounding the new building.


Research studies:

  • The role of house dust mite in atopic eczema (1986) M.Sc.
  • Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergolosis in children. Clinical M.D 1993.
  • Parasitic diarrhea in children, Kuwait university hospital, 1999.
  • Poliomyelitis surveillance: the model used in Yemen for polio evadication 2002 Kasr EL-Aina medical journal.
  • Symptomes preceded bronchial asthma in Yemen children.
  • Acute flaccid paralysis and its role in poliomyelitis surveillance in Yemen children (National expert committee experience), 2002 journal of Arab children (JAC).
  • Breast feeding promotion in Yemen 2002, Kasr EL-Aina medical journal.
  • Case control study of risk factor for severe acute respiratory infections in the first five years’ life in Yemen 2005, Egyptian journal of biomedical sciences.
  • Dermal tests for allergic substances in children suffering form eczema with hereditary allergy.
  • Study of risk factors in bronchial asthma 2005, Egyptian journal of biomedical sciences.
  • Respiratory complications in children with sickle cell diseases at sadah, Yemen 2006

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