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Mohamed Kasem Al-Motawakel

Associate Professor

Sex:  Male

Address: Sana’a University, Faculty of Science, Physics Department, Solar Energy Research Lab. Sana’a — Republic of Yemen

Tel.   : Home (Sana’a) (224998),  Office (Sana’a) (200515) Ext. Physics Dept.

Place and Date of Birth        : Hajah — Republic of Yemen — Oct. 10th — 1953

Nationality                             : Yemeni


              University                              Country      Period          Main Field            Degree    

  • Sana’a University                              Yemen      1972-1976             Physics                     BSc.
  • Syracuse University                            ASU        1978-1980       Particle Physics            MSc.
  • Cranfield Institute of Technology     UK        1978-1980           Solar Energy              PhD.

Employment:        Sana’a University

  • 1970-1972   :   Secondary School Teacher
  • 1976-1978   :   Lab. Demonstrator (Physics Dept.)
  • 1980-1982  :   Ass. Lecturer (Physics Dept.)
  • 198&1994   :   Ass. Prof. (Physics Dept.)
  • 1994-1996  :   Head of The Physics Dept.
  • 1997-2006  :    Ass. Prof. (Physics Dept.)
  • 2006-2020 :    Asci. Prof. (Physics Dept.)
  • 2020-           :    Head of The Physics Dept.

International Memberships:

  • Member of The international Solar Energy Society (ESES).
  • Member of The International Center of Theoretical Physics (ICTP)
  • Member of The Commission for Atmospheric Science (CAS).

Acad., and Research Awards:

  • 3rd World Ac., of Sciences Research Awards 1988, Center of Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy.
  • ISESCO Research Awards 1990, Islamic Edu-Sc and Cultural Organization 16 Bis, Charia Omar Ben Khattab, Agdal, Rbat,
  • 3Rd World Ac. Of Sciences Research Awards 90-91 Center Of Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy

Research Contracts:

  • World Bank: Thermal Performance of Bread Baking Ovens- 1989.
  • World Health Organization: Radiation Physics Course and Lab. 1995.
  • World Bank: Thermal Performance Of Bread Baking Ovens —1992.

Educational and Administrative Committees:

    * Educational             : Curriculum Design Committees

  •  : Course Content Specification Committees
  •  : Physics Laboratory Measuring and Research Devices Specifications and Ordering Committees
  •  : Physics References and Text Book Selecting Committees

    * Administrative        : Editor of The Faculty of Science Journal of R. & D


Areas of Computer Programming:

  • Linear and Polynomial Regression Programs.
  • Survey Analysis Programs.
  • Energy Evaluation.
  • Sizing, Costing, and Designing Renewable Energy Sources.
  • (Pv, Wind, Buiomass).
  • 3D Plotting Programs.
  • Theoretical Physics Simulation Programs.

Single Author Papers:  M. K.At-Motawakel ,

  1. “Potentiality of Wind Energy Systems in The Y.A.R.” Conference in Solar Energy, Baghdad, Iraq, 21-24 of Feb, PP. 1-87 to 1-29.
  2. “Passive-Design Features of The Vernacular Buildings in The A.R.”, ISES Solar World Congress 1989, Kobe, Japan, Sept. 4-8, PP. 367-376, 1989,
  3. “The Performance of The Bread —Baking Ovens Used in The Yemeni Houses”, J.I.T.H. Conference, Algeria, 5-9 Nov, 1989.

First and 2nd Author Papers:   M.K.Al-Motawakel et., al,

  1. “Energy, Used in The Y.A.R.”, Applied Energy, Vol.24, PP. 185-214
  2. “Thermal Behaviors of Vernacular Buildings in The Y.A.R. Applied Energy, Vol. 24, PP. 245-376.
  3. “Solar Energy Harnessing Performance of Direct-Gain and Non-Vented Trombe Walls Under Yemeni Weather Conditions” Applied Energy, Vol. 26, 1987, PP. 159-191.
  4. “Photovoltaic Array Sizing for Yemeni Electrical Needs”, International Journal of Ambient Energy, Vol. 7, No. 4, Oct. PP. 207-215.
  5. “Strategy for Sizing Solar Energy Collecting Systems in The Yemen’ Proceeding of The World Renewable Energy Congress, Reading, U.K., 23-28 Sept. 1990, PP. 386-390. “Performance of Different. Types of Renewable Power Supply Systems”, International Journal of Ambient Energy, 12, No.4, Oct. 1991, PP. 205-213,
  6. “Analysis of Solar Radiation Measurements at Sana’a University Weather Station (15 N-44 E). Solar and Wind Technology, Vol. 6, No.5, PP. 467-472, 1988.
  7. “A Design Method for Photovoltaics-Battery Storage System Under Tropical Conditions” International Journal of Ambient. Energy, Vol. 10, No.1, PP. 31-50, 1989.


Supervised Ph.D. Thesis:

  • Performance of renewable energy systems (RES) under the weather conditions of tropical countries.
  • Potentiality of combining wind and photovoltaic energy systems under the weather conditions of tropical countries (Egypt and Yemen).
  • Research award letters.
  • Proposals of ongoing research projects.


Teaching Experience

Subject Period Level Referene Author Content
General Physics(1)  1986- 1996 1st year Physics Halliday and Resnick Classical  Mechanics
General Physics(II)  1993­ 1996 1st y6r Fundamental of Physics Halliday and Resnick Electricity, Magnetism
Modern Physics  1986-1996 3rd year sc. And Special theory of relativity M.I.T. Press Special theory Special theory of red.
Solar energy  1986-1996 4th year xecond Solar Energy thermal processes Duffle Beckman Solar radiation flat Plate collectors PV systems
Electrodynamic Theory  1997-1998 4th year Electrodynamic Jackson Electrodynamic

Laboratory Manuals

  • Modern Physics Lab. Manual: 14 Experiments in the field of electrodynamics and Quantum transfer of energy
  • General physics Lab Manual : 16 experiments in the field of classical mechanics electricity, Magnetism, and Geometrical Optics
  • Demonstration expt. manual: Contains No. of experiments illustrating the principal of physics,


Textbooks (All Published By Sana’a University Press)

  • Principles Of Electrodynamic Theory
  • Electricity And Magnetism
  • Special Theory Of relativity
  • Solar Energy
  • Electrodynamic Theory


Subjects of interest for Teaching

  • Relativistic Electrodynamic M.Sc. Degree Students
  • Electrodynamic Theory B.Sc. Degree Students Solar Energy
  • Modern Physics (Special Theory of Relativity)
  • Electricity-And Magnetism
  • General Physics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Mathematical Physics (M.Sc. or B.Sc. Degree Students)
  • Statistical Physics

Other Members

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