Ghazi Ali Mohammed Zohair

Associate Professor

Personal Information:


Ghazi Ali Mohammed Zohair. (phd)

Associate Professor

Sana’a University

Faculty of Agriculture

Animal production Department







       I am a poultry Diseases Scientist and consultant in all poultry’s related science (breeding- management etc) beside a broad research background and special interest in zoonotic diseases with effort to find an antibiotic and chemotherapeutic natural alternatives as recent trends for prevention of poultry and human diseases.


(2006):  Fac.Vet.Med., Cairo University.

             Ph.D. Disease of Birds and Rabbits.



(2000): Fac.Vet.Med., Cairo University.

M.Sc. Disease of Birds and Rabbits.



(1992): Fac.Vet .Med &Animal Resources, King Faisal University.

B.Sc. Vet. Med &Animal Resources.

             (Hofof, Saudi Arabia) .



Poultry Diseases-Animal Diseases – Principal of vet health – Principal of animal and poultry health- Special  course on animal and poultry health – Advanced course on animal and poultry health- Immunology- Principal of animal production – Research course-Meat and milk hygiene – Animal and poultry physiology – Using recent trends in research and diagnosis Biotechnology – Strategic Planning, Planning Research, experimental Design, Data Analysis, Editing, Writing..etc.   

Conferences and Workshops:

  • (From 2 to 9 May 1996): Amran Governorate . (Workshop.Tit): National days of Poliomyelitis. UMT Graduate Studies Induction Workshop, Malaysia, 27th March 2011
  • (From 2 to 23October 1999):Fac.Vet.Med., Cairo University with cooperation of Federal Institute for health protection and vet med, Berlin-Germany . (Workshop .Tit): Regional training course on Serodiagnosis of livestock diseases.
  • (From 17 to 19 April 2005) : Vet.Med., Cairo University (Cairo-Egypt). Con.Tit: Biotechnolgy and animal wealth development.
  • (From 6 to 9 November 2007) :Vet.Med., Beni-Suef University (Egypt).                   Con.Tit: Animal diseases control and human health .
  • (From15 to 6 May 2007): Education development and Quality warranty center., Sana’a University. (Workshop.Tit) :Academic study training .
  • (2007) :WB with WHO joint mission . (Workshop.Tit): An integrated national plan for prevention and control of Avian and Human Influenza in Yemen.
  • (From10/7 to 15/ 9, 2007):Sana’a University Computer Center., (Workshop.Tit) :Computer Driving license(SUCDL).
  • (From18 to 19 May 2008):The 1st National symposium about Agriculture and Environment .Lecture Tit :Recent Trends in using natural Alternatives to Antibiotics.
  • (From 24 to 27 April 2010- Ain El Sukhna) :Vet.Med., Beni-Suef University (Egypt).  6th Scientific conf.
  • (From 15 to 18 May 2011- Hurghada) :Fac.Vet.Med., Cairo University (Cairo-Egypt). 11th Scientific con., 3rd International Scientific con. Con.Tit: Veterinary medicine at the interface of ecosystem conservation and public health.
  • (From 2 to 6 March 2014) :Education development center and Quality warranty., Sana’a University .2nd Quality warranty .
  • 4TH and 5TH National Conference of the Yemeni Biology Society .Sana’a .                      
  • Conference of Avian Influenza Viruses .Sana’a- 2014 .
  • World Water Day – Faculty of Agriculture- Sana’a University
  • Workshop participate on animal care and health.    

            Fac.Vet.Med., Sana’a University with Cooperation of FAO (2020).


Research and scientific papers:

  1. Ghazi. A.M.Zohair,M.M.Amer, El-shemy,M.A.Bosila and Kh.M.Elbaoumi.(2017):Diagnosis and Molecular Identification of Virulent Infectious Bursal Disease in Naturally Infected Broiler Chickens . International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Research (eijppr). 7(5):29-34 .                                                                    
  2. Mohamed M.Amer,Ghazi. A.M.Zohair,A. El-shemy,Hoda M.Mekky and Dalia M.Sedeek.(2017):Effect of Antibiotic and prebiotic On Immunity and Reproductive Of Broiler Breeder Flock. International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Research(eijppr). 7(4):18-25 .
  3. Kh.M.Elbaoumi,Zeinab M.S.Amin Girth,Eman R.Hassan, Aziza M.Amer, Ghazi. A.M.Zohair and  M.M.Amer.(2016): Enhancement of immune response against IBD and IB in antibiotic treated Mycolasma gallisepticum serologically positive broiler chickens. International Journal of ChemTech Research.9(12):934-942. 
  4. Ghazi.A.M.Zohair  and Amer,M.M (2015): Astudy on bacterial contamination of table eggs sold for consumption in Sana’a city. Veterinary Medical Journal, Giza. 61(1):15-22.
  5. Zohair,Ghazi.A and Amer,M.M (2014): Role of some wild birds in transmission of bacterial pathogens of zoonotic importance and poultry health and production. Veterinary Medical Journal, Giza. 60(2B): 49-62.
  1. Ghazi,A.M.Zohair , Gameel A.Al-Maktary and Mohamed .M.Amer.(2012): A comparative Effect of Mash and Pellet feed on Broiler Performance and Ascites at high Altitude (Field study ).Global Vetrinaria .;9(2):154-159.
  2. M.Amer, G.A.Zohair, Kh.M.El-Bayomi and Zeinab M.S.Amin Girth.(2012): Effect of Tilmicosin in Control of Mycoplasmosis in Broiler Chickens from Infected Breeders Using Elisa Test for Evaluation . Journal of American Science.8(3):696-700.
  3. A.Al-Maktari and G.A.M. Zohair .(2011): Field Study on Immune response and Performance of Commercial broiler chickens with maternal Immunity to live Newcastle and Infectious bronchitis disease vaccines .Beni-Suef  Veterinary Medical Journal.21(1):  38-44.      
  4. A.M.Zohair.(2010): Incidence of bacterial contamination in wastes of private poultry life markets slaughter premises in Sana’a city. Isolation, Identification and antibiogram of isolates. Veterinary Medical Journal ,Giza.58(1):15-29 .
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M.H.H, Awaad ; M.H.Amer ; G.A.Zohair ; A. Atta; M. Elmeniawy and M.A.ELkholy.(2005) : ” Effect of Pediococcus Acidilactici on Layer Hens Serum / Yolk Cholesterol , Egg Quality , and Intestinal / Egg Shedding of Salmonella Enteritidis ” . The Eighth Scientific Conference on Biotechnology and Animal Recourses Development.