Jawad Imad Ali Ahmed.

Assistant Professor


Dr. Jawad Imad Ali Ahmed.

Assistant Professor of Animal Production (Animal Nutrition) – Faculty of Agriculture.




Lecturer and preparer of lectures on animal production and livestock sciences and sciences related to animal and poultry nutrition in the bachelor’s and master’s programs, and supervising the applied aspects of academic courses and graduate research for students, training programs and scientific field visits. Member in supervising master’s theses, preparing and implementing research projects, research plans and programs. In addition to working as a researcher and livestock expert counterpart at the Agricultural Research Authority.



Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences (Animal Production) 1984 – Faculty of Agriculture – University of Aleppo – Syria.

M.Sc. Animal Production (1990) – Department of Animal Production – Faculty of Agriculture – Alexandria University.

Ph.D. in animal production (animal nutrition) 2002 – Department of Animal Production – Faculty of Agriculture – Alexandria University.



Fields of animal and poultry nutrition.

The use of non-traditional feed in animal and poultry feeding.

Improving and raising the nutritional value of animal feed.

A training course in the field of improving pastures and sheep. Agricultural Research Authority – Dhamar (May-October 1985).

Participation in the survey of the grazing vegetation cover of the regions of the Tihama Plain and the central and southern highlands in Yemen – Agricultural Research Authority (1986).

Field survey, characterization, study of phenomenological characteristics, productivity, production systems and feed assessment for livestock (cows – sheep – goats – camels – poultry) in Yemen. Agricultural Research Authority (85 -1987 AD).

Improving agricultural animal feed and developing livestock – a training course – Animal Production Research Institute – Nubaria Alexandria Research Unit (1996).

The use of agricultural waste in animal nutrition – a training course – the Arab Center for the Study of Dry and Arid Zones (ACSAD) – Alexandria (2000 AD).

The counterpart of the Livestock Expert – Agricultural Research Authority (1985-1990 AD).

Lecturer of Animal Production – Faculty of Agriculture – University of Sana’a (1991-2000 AD).

Assistant Professor of Animal Production – College of Agriculture – Sana’a (2002 – 2018 AD).

Conferences and workshops:

Symposium on the reality and future of the poultry industry in the Republic of Yemen – Faculty of Agriculture – Sana’a (26-29/12/92 AD).

Participation in a workshop on feed production strategy. Agricultural Research Authority (March 1986) – Taiz.

Scientific symposium to improve pastures and sheep. Central Highlands Regional Station – Dhamar (January 1987).

Symposium on Characterizing Livestock and Animal Production Systems in Yemen – Agricultural Research Authority (August 1988) – Taiz.

Second Scientific Symposium – Society of Life Sciences (11-13/10/2004 AD), Sana’a.

Conference on Agricultural Education and Development Requirements – College of Agriculture – Sana’a (26-28/2/2005 AD).

Participation in the Curriculum Development Workshop – College of Education – Sana’a (22/4/2005 AD).

Food Security Symposium (Livestock and Fisheries) – Advisory Council – Sana’a (19-21/8/1998 AD).

The Third British-Egyptian Conference on Animal Production – Faculty of Agriculture – Alexandria (7-10/10/1989 AD).

The Eighth Scientific Conference on Animal Nutrition – Sharm El-Sheikh (23-26/10/2001 AD).

Workshop on future visions for the development of sheep production in the Arab countries (ACSAD 2002).

Environmental Awareness Workshop – Public Authority for Environmental Protection – Sana’a 2005.

The Third Conference on Animal Production in Africa – The Egyptian Society for Animal Production Sciences – Alexandria (6-9/11/2000 AD).

Course preparation training course – Sana’a University (2013).

Participation in the modification and development of the study plan for the Department of Animal Production, and the preparation of models and descriptions of courses – Sana’a University (2020).

Research and scientific papers:

Sources of protein and mixed diet utilization in ruminants. Alex. J. Agri. Rese., 39:2 (1994)

Effect of breeding systems and season on productive efficiency and some measures of egg components in laying hens. The Yemeni Journal of Life Sciences – 5: 1 (2009).

Effect of replacing protein concentrate of Broiler with sesame seeds cake (SSC) or local fish meal (LFM) on performance of broiler chickens in Yemen. The Yemeni Journal of Agricultural Research (2012).

Effect of adding yeast to lactating cows’ diets on milk production (unpublished data).

Oils in poultry feed and feeding (unpublished data).

Effect of feeding on carrot pulp on production and characteristics of eggs in lying hens (unpublished data).