Anwar Yahya Yahya Saleh Abu Hadi


He grew up in an educated family. He completed his secondary education in 1989, joined the University of Sana’a, and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Islamic studies with a grade of very good, in 1996 and then moved to teaching and then directing to 2004, and he was chosen as a trainer and then a member of the national team for training in Hajjah governorate, and in the year 2006 He joined the University of Sana’a to study a master’s degree, which he obtained with distinction in 2010 AD. He trained in more than one governorate, including (Hajjah – Al Hudaydah – Al Mahwit – Dhamar – Sana’a – Saada – Ma’rib). He taught at the College of Education Khawlan from 2015 to 2020, as well as at the Sana’a College of Education as a contractor and volunteer for the year 2018 CE, and in this year 2021 AD he was appointed to the College of Education – Department of Administration and Planning.


– Doctor of Philosophy degree in education, specializing in educational management and planning – the field of educational training, grade Excellent (98%), Sana’a University 2016 m

– MA in Educational Administration and Planning – Excellent – Sana’a University. 2010 AD

– BA in Education – Islamic Studies – with a very good grade – Sana’a University, 1996.


Teaching according to modern strategies, and using modern technological means.

– Training for teachers, administrators and educational leaders in more than one governorate, where he trained more than 40 training courses in the fields of (modern teaching skills – modern administrative skills – leadership skills – crisis management – psychological support – planning skills)

– A consultant at the Social Fund for Development in the field of training from 2010.

– Trainer trainer in the training and rehabilitation sector at the Ministry of Education and some governorates.

– Member of the national team of trainers for the system of protecting children in schools (financing the UNICEF organization).

Member of the Ministry of Education’s Senior Trainers Team for the School Development Program, Global Partnership Funding (GPE).

– Character analysis through line and signature.

– using the computer.

Conferences and Workshops:

-Participating in a workshop to design forms for performance standards and indicators for (school principals – teachers – specialists) with the support of the GIZ organization

– Participation in a workshop to design a guide for employing comprehensive guidance methods for the governorates (Taiz – Marib – Hajjah) with the support of the GIZ organization.

-Participating in a number of workshops held by the Ministry of Education for the purpose of identifying training needs and developing training manuals and others.


Research and scientific papers:

-Participate in designing, reviewing and developing more than eight training manuals in various administrative, technical and professional skills under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and in coordination with some organizations.

-Preparing a training guide for the skills of administrative leaders in the Education Office in Sana’a Governorate, with support and funding from the Social Fund for Development.