dr.Hassel Nasser Ali HASSEL

  • Personal Information:

Name:                               Hassel Nasser Ali HASSEL.

Academic Degree:           Assistant Professor of Scientific Education,

Sana’a University – College of Education / Khawlan.

Nationality:                        Yemeni.

Date of Birth:                     25/12/1981.

Marital Status:                  Married.


  • Summary:

Obtained a Bachelor of Education (Physics / Mathematics) – Faculty of Education (Khawlan (- Sana’a University 2004, Very good 89.3% with the grade of honor (Top of the batch); Joined the same Faculty as a lecturer in Physics department, Obtained Science Equivalency in Physics – Faculty of Science – Sana’a University 2007; Completed efficiently the Master degree and Ph.D. in Curriculum and the methods of teaching Science – Faculty of Education – Sana’a University. Currently working Assistant Professor at the department of Physics – Faculty of Education (Khawlan) – Sana’a University; Proficient in teaching several scientific and educational subjects; Capable of dealing with students, academics and colleagues alike with highly managerial skills; interested in developing science curriculum and preparing modern Syllabuses adhere to the standards of Education Quality.


  • Education:
  • D. Degree in Curriculum and the Methods of Teaching Science – Faculty of Education – Sana’a University – 2017, Excellent grade (96%).


  • Master Degree in Curriculum and the Methods of Teaching Science – Faculty of Education – Sana’a University 2010, Excellent grade (92%).


  • Physics Science Equivalency – Faculty of Science – Sana’a University 2007.


  • Bachelor of Education – Physics / Mathematics – Faculty of Education (Khawlan) – Sana’a University 2004, Very good with the grade of honor_3% (Top of the batch).
  • Experience & Skills:
  • Supervising students of physics department in practicum (Applied period).


  • Supervising and following up with students of physics department on research principles, writing and completing graduation projects.


  • High ability of Teaching many scientific and educational subjects systematically and professionally: science curriculum, methods of teaching science, scientific research methods (quantitative – qualitative), curriculum analysis, measurement & evaluation and statistical analysis of scientific researches using SPSS Package.


  • Prepare scientific presentations and simulation of scientific lessons using various educational tools and programs (brainstorming – mind maps – effective class participation)


  • Teaching practical Physics, General Physics, Thermodynamics and Statistics, Electricity & Magnetism, LASER physics, Energy sources and Electrical circuits.


  • Focus on scientific education and the development of teaching and learning of Science in general, Education of Physics in particular.


  • Interested in physics curriculum description & development, Development of teaching science subjects’ methods in general, focusing on Quality of education and its importance in the development of higher and general Education.


  • Highly skilled in computer software (Microsoft package, SPSS Package, …).
  • Conferences and Workshops:
  • A workshop of Describing programs for Faculties of Education,
    Sana’a University – March 2020.
  • Research and Scientific papers:
  • Quality of Education in Third World countries – during D. study.
  • Participation in the assessment of the D. program (Curriculum and the methods of Teaching Science) – during Ph.D. study.